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Alhamdulillaah, They’ve Finished Suratus Saba


Assalaamu alaikum


Its funny subhan Allaah, myself and a friend  set this week as a week of intensive hifdh.  The intention behind it was to make a large increase to the amount we normally memorise to help keep things interesting and a little different.

I asked the children if they were in and they both said yes!

Their target was to memorise a page per day until they finished Saba.  The target day for them was friday but they both decided to finish it today subhan Allaah.

They really do love  challenge maasha Allaah.  Time for another party!

This is a sign that  they are ready to take a little more for their daily portion but I’ll talk to them and see how they feel about that before I go changing anything.

May Allaah bless them both and accept our efforts aameen

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