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12 Ajzaa Alhamdulillaah, Allaahumma baarik alayhimaa!

its a party

They completed the last few pages today alhamdulillaah.  May Allaah bless them aameen

They finished Suratul-Faatir May Allaah bless them!



Assalaamu alaikum.

subhan Allaah, the children decided to continue the intense hifdh onto suratul faatir and subhan Allaah they both completed it today.  It’s really motivating to see them so determined …not forgetting the fact that my husband offered them a little monetary incentive for when they finished it lol, I don’t think he realised he’d be handing it out so soon!

We still haven’t officially increased their daily hifdh amount.  They’re on holiday from their other work at the moment so they may settle on a page and a half per day until they return  to “school”.

I am getting behind with my hifdh charts, I better get moving.

May Allaah make it easy for us all and accept our efforts and make us from the people of Qur’aan aameen

Its been such a happy day Alhamdulillaah, alhamdulillaah


11 Ajzaa Allaahumma Baarik Alayhimaa!


New Repetition Tool For Phones


Assalaamu alaikum,

Maple MP3 Player

maasha Allaah I have found a great app for my phone that has really helped me a lot for my hifdh maasha Allaah.

Its called Maple MP3 Player and maasha Allaah I love it!

I’m a person that likes to learn with audio so I need to be listening to the ayah that I am learning.  I have tried to use my phone before to listen but the inability to listen to individual ayaat has always put me off.  Then when I find something that lets me listen to individual ayaat, it’s usually not a reciter that I like to learn with.  Anyway this MP3 player solves all of that for me and more alhamdulillaah. You download the surah read by the reciter of your choice to your phone and then you can use the player to do the following things :

  • A-B repeat which is a function whereby you can select a portion of the surah (an ayah) and then repeat as many times as  you like.
  • Pitch control which is what exited me the most.  When I listen to my audios I try to completely  imitate the reciter.  This can be a little hard for me as my favourite reciter (HUSARY) has an extremely deep voice.  I use the pitch control to make his voice a little higher to make it easier for me to copy him.
  • Speed control which again I use to help me to imitate the reciter as the best recordings of Husary I have are quite slow.  I use it at its natural speed to hear the beautiful detail in which he reads it and then when it comes to repetition  time I speed it up a little so it takes less time.  You could also use it to slow down a reciter that reads really quickly

There are other features but these are the ones that I use.   It was not free but something like this I don’t mind paying for at all as it has been really useful.  Its turned my phone into the perfect mp3 player alhamdulillaah.  I have an android phone, I’m not sure if it’s on the Iphone but it probably is.

Heres a link so you can see it Maple MP3 Player.


Ways To Memorise: Small Children Memorising with a Tape Recorder


Assalaamu alaikum,

This is another method of memorisation from the excellent book “Kayfa Tahfathul Qur’aan Al Kareem”  By Dr Yahya Al Gawthaany May Allaah reward him with much good for all of his good work.

The method we have chosen today is:

TaHfeeth Al-Atfaal As-Sighaar Bitasjeel Aswaatihim/ Small Children memorising with Tapes of their Voices

There are several ways of memorising with a tape recorder this is one of them. The others will follow in-shaa Allaah .

The Author wrote what could mean:

  1. Get a tape Recorder and some blank tapes.  Then get a child that is  4 years old or more. (more…)

New Review Schedule


Assalaamu alaikum,

we have now started a new review schedule alhamdulillaah.

We used to read half a juz (10pages) every day before breakfast but now that they have memorised that amount I felt that they would need to increase the amount they review to 1 juz per day so that they can read it all in a week.  I think that even though its more work it makes things firmer in the memory to review everything in a week.  The plan is to eventually read 5 ajzaa per day but that is much much later.  We tried reading the other half juz in the evening just before bed but that was an unreliable time as sometimes we would be tired or I would be busy with other things. (more…)

Ways To Memorise: One for The Procrastinators/A Page In 30mins


Assalaamu alaikum,

This is another method of memorisation but it’s not  from the book “Kayfa Tahfathul Qur’aan Al Kareem”  By Dr Yahya Al Gawthaany.

The method we have today is:

How To Memorise a Page In 30mins/The Procrastinator Special.

People procrastinate in different areas of their lives and for different reasons. Unfortunately, I do it when I have to memorise.  I do it sometimes because I’m tired but the main reason it happens is because I’m a perfectionist.

Sounds strange I know but let me explain…… (more…)

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