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Update : Challenges In Hifdh


Assalaamu alaikum

alhamdulillaah its been a really interesting week.  My son has been working super hard these last few days Allahumma baarik alaihi (Allah bless him).

With under a juz and just a few days remaining till completion, its been exciting and also quite challenging for him. (more…)

The Best Hifdh Rewards For Children Are “Experiences”


Assalaamu alaikum


One thing  I can say is that in 2015 we have no shortage of “stuff”.  We save and buy and save and buy more of the things that we feel we need or might like.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve bought something, absolutely convinced that its going to make my life so much easier. I then find myself pushing it into the back of a cupboard somewhere after a few weeks!

My children have caught this bug from me too. All of the adverts and posters and billboards have them asking for all sorts of toys as rewards for hifdh achievements.

Sometimes I’ve bought the things they’ve asked for. I find that after a while just like me, they soon grow bored with their new toys and push them aside.  How often have we looked at the children of today and wondered…”why are they so unhappy with what they have?  They have so much!”

In my experience, the things that really matter and make a massive impact on their lives are “experiences”.  (more…)

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