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Updated Routine (Mummy) 


Assalaamu alaikum, 

Ive been battling with myself over the last few years to organise my schedule as it’s increased and then increased again in activity. It’s been and still is,  challenging for me as for some reason, I don’t like to follow timetables.  It’s like there’s a switch in my brain telling me  “rebel rebel” when I see my daily  life written out before me lol!  Allah aid me. It doesn’t stop me making them though, I still try different ways …so many different ways, to stay on top of things. I pray I find something that works for me one day, other than my poor failing memory. 

I don’t have a lot of time for myself these days so my new review schedule somewhat tailored to work with this. I am also the type of person that tends to mentally record what I hear more than what I read  so I like to use audio a lot. It works well for me alhamdulillaah. 

My main aim at the moment is reinforcement. 


I take approximately 2 juz and download the audios for each surah. I try to use the reciters that I learned that particular surah with as, the way they read it is usually still recorded in my mind from it’s hifdh (If  that can’t be done then someone I like to listen to works great).  Then everyday for the next 30days, I try my best to listen to these surahs.   Using time when my body is busy but my mind no , works best for me. Examples of this kind of activity are cooking, cleaning, ironing commuting etc,  the type of thing that can be done on auto pilot. 

Along with this, 2pages are chosen every day from the same 2 juz and each page read between 10 and 20 times each.  It doesn’t take too long as you tend to get faster the more you read it. The following day the next 2pages from  the 2juz are read in repetition. 

It would look like this:

For June I have chosen and downloaded juz Amma and juz Tabarak.

Monday 1St June I will listen to mp3 audios of both juz. Later on that day I will read 2pages or all of surah al Mulk.  I will read each page 10times totalling the amount of approx 20pages. 

Tuesday 2nd June I will listen to both juz again and this time, Surah Al Qalam reading each page 10 times each.

Wednesday 3rd June I will listen to both juz again but this time I’ll read Surah Al Haaqah repeating each page 10times.

  This will carry on for another 30days. 

I still do normal reading in order through the mushaf from Al Baqarah to Al Nas but the amount varies day to day. 

Time doesnt permit me to read from memory to anyone at the moment but this may change one day. For now I’ll keep preparing for that using this method, Allah make it easy for me ameen

May Allah make it easy for us all and bless our time so that we are able to achieve maximum benefit from every day of our lives doing things that please Him azza wa jalla aameen

Update 29th Ramadhan 1437


Assalaamu Alaikum,

Subhan Allah, it’s been so long since the last post.  I remember the way I felt when I was writing it, I was so full of energy and ideas I felt so inspired and then… I just disappeared.  There are many reasons but ultimately, it was a combination of being busy and very easily distracted.  Admittedly, I’m not a very good multi-tasker.Alhamdulillah, we’re all well and I pray that you all are too Allah bless you all.

I tend to feel a little melancholy towards the end of Ramadhan.  I remember as a new Muslim, I would sit there and visualise  devils being released from their chains* at the stroke of maghrib like some scary movie, ruining my fairytale Ramadhan happiness.  Alhamdulillaah as the years have passed I have stopped the visualisations but the thought still somewhat remains with me….until the Eid Fun begins!

Alhamdulillaah the children have been (more…)

7 Hifdh Tips For Busy People (Especially Mothers)


Assalaamu alaikum

These are some of the things that I’ve found to be really helpful.  I hope that they can be of someuse to somebody out there.

First and foremost, we make dua to Allaah to make our task easy for us and to accept it from us as a good deed.  I won’t include this as a step as this is something that as muslims is an integral part of all of our lives as we know, without Allaah permission we are unable to do anything.

1. Realistic Goal setting

Sit down and decide exactly what it is that you’d like to do.  How much you’d like to memorise be it 1 page, 1 juz etc  Set your amount in writing so that its clear in your mind.  (more…)

A Sample Hifdh Schedule for Children


Assalaamu alaikum,


this method  is one that I really like for teaching children or any beginners.
I have some other young children that I teach and this is the technique we use.  Alhamdulillaah I find it to be really effective and easy to work with. (more…)

Ways To Memorise: Using Computer/Phone/Mp3 software


Assalaamu alaikum

mobile hifdh

I’m a person that likes to learn by listening.  I still read from the Mushaf at the same time, but my main focus is always  on the reciter.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to learn by listening, as you can’t always have the equipment that you need when you want to memorise.  However Allaah has blessed us with some wonderful technology that can be used as tools to help us with this problem.  Some of these are even small enough to be popped into your  pocket!

I personally use a combination of my phone and computer to memorise.  I am currently using this website and the app of the same site for both http://quran.ksu.edu.sa/.   You can read more about it here (My favourite hifdh/memorisation tool so far).

I’m  going to give you a step by step guide to what I do in-shaa Allaah.  It’s for a specific program, but the functions that I use can be found in many different computer programs and apps so you should be able to use the same method by making a few small changes in-shaa Allaah.

So here goes (I’ll be using this picture to guide you through with numbers to show you exactly what I click in case you want to use the same website/app) (more…)

They finished Suratul-Faatir May Allaah bless them!



Assalaamu alaikum.

subhan Allaah, the children decided to continue the intense hifdh onto suratul faatir and subhan Allaah they both completed it today.  It’s really motivating to see them so determined …not forgetting the fact that my husband offered them a little monetary incentive for when they finished it lol, I don’t think he realised he’d be handing it out so soon!

We still haven’t officially increased their daily hifdh amount.  They’re on holiday from their other work at the moment so they may settle on a page and a half per day until they return  to “school”.

I am getting behind with my hifdh charts, I better get moving.

May Allaah make it easy for us all and accept our efforts and make us from the people of Qur’aan aameen

Its been such a happy day Alhamdulillaah, alhamdulillaah

Alhamdulillaah, They’ve Finished Suratus Saba


Assalaamu alaikum


Its funny subhan Allaah, myself and a friend  set this week as a week of intensive hifdh.  The intention behind it was to make a large increase to the amount we normally memorise to help keep things interesting and a little different.

I asked the children if they were in and they both said yes!

Their target was to memorise a page per day until they finished Saba.  The target day for them was friday but they both decided to finish it today subhan Allaah.

They really do love  challenge maasha Allaah.  Time for another party!

This is a sign that  they are ready to take a little more for their daily portion but I’ll talk to them and see how they feel about that before I go changing anything.

May Allaah bless them both and accept our efforts aameen

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