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Qur’aan Reminder No.16


 The Benefit of Surah Al-Baqarah

Do not make your home a graveyard, the Shaitan runs from the home in which Surah Baqrah is recited.

(Sahih Muslim)

7 Day Hifdh Homework Diary Template



Assalaamu alaikum,

Alhamdulillaah we’ve just finished our first template for a basic hifdh homework diary.

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while but subhan Allaah, I can be so absent-minded may Allaah help me.

I tried to include sections for the things that we use to plan our weeks and there is a little space for homework assignments and things like that from madrasah.  Ideally its set to be printed A4 and folded or cut in half  like a bound diary.

The sections that we put in are what we used to write in our “life books” (the wonderful diarys from productive Muslim and Siratt)  I used that layout and some other diarys that we have, as a guide so it does look terribly similar.  My children prefer this layout as I guess it looks a little more child friendly.


I’ll keep working on it  to improve it in shaa Allaah.7-day-hifdh-homework-diary


I pray that Allaah make this of a benefit and accept it from us and protect us from insincerity aameen.

I’m so tired, I feel like I’m sleep-typing lol



Qur’aan Reminder No.15


Intercession Of The Qur’aan On Its Beholders Behalf

The Qur’aan is an intercessor (which by Allah’s permission)  intercedes, and an oponent ( which is) truthful.  He who appoints it as his leader, (then it) will lead him to Paradise.  And he who puts it behind him, (then it) will lead him to the Fire


Ibn Hibban in his sahih and al Bayhaqi in Shu’ub Al Iman from Jabir ibn Abdullaah.  It was reported by At-Tabarani and Al-Bayhaqi in Shu’ab Al Iman from Abdullaah ibn mas’ud.  The hadith is Sahih

Qur’aan Reminder No.14


 The People Of The  Qur’aan

“The people of the Qur’an are the people of Allah and His chosen ones.”

Ahmad, Nasa’i, and Ibn Maajah from Anas

Qur’aan Reminder No.13


 The Qur’aan, a Protection From The Dajjal

Whoever memorized the first ten ayahs of Surah Kahf will be saved the Dajjal. (Sahih Muslim)

Qur’aan Reminder No.12


Being Vigilent Of The Qur’aan
The Messenger of Allaah (Sallaahu alayhi wasallam) said,

“The example of the companion of the Qur’an is that of an owner of a tied camel: if he is vigilant over it, he will hold onto his camel; if he releases it, it will go away.”

Bukharee(5031) and Muslim (789)

Qur’aan Reminder No.10



Virtues Of Praying with The Qur’aan

the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

Whoever recites ten aayaat (verses) in qiyaam will not be recorded as one of the forgetful. Whoever recites a hundred aayaat (verses) in qiyaam will be recorded as one of the devout, and whoever prays a thousand aayaat (verses) in qiyaam will be recorded as one of the muqantareen (those who pile up good deeds).”

(Reported by Abu Dawood and Ibn Hibbaan. It is a hasan report. Saheeh al-Targheeb, 635).

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