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Spring Hifdh Challenge: UPDATE Pt.2


Assalaamu alaikum all,
The month (April) is nearly over alhamdulillaah.  With just  1 and 1/2 days left the end is in sight, so its time to decide how we are going to finish this race.  Will we give up or finish strong.  Alhamdulillaah if our deeds are accepted by Allaah there is reward in our intention even if we don’t manage to achieve what we originally set out to do so I pray that Allaah accept it from all of us aameen.

So I’ll begin with the children may Allah bless them.  They finished Mu’minoon and are 4 pages into suratun-Noor alhamdulillaah.  (more…)

Spring Hifdh Challenge…Who’s in???


Assalaamu alaikum,

the sun has started to make an appearance in the UK and this is something that  never fails to put a huge smile on my face.  Spring is here, the flower-buds are appearing on the trees the weather is warming up, It really boosts my mood and my energy too and even makes me feel like I have more hours in the day lol, I feel like an infomercial.

Anyway I want to put this energy to good use so I decided that I wanted to set a hifdh challenge for myself .

Tomorrow is the first day of April so it’s the perfect time to start.   Any day  would be a great, it’s all the same really but…there’s just something about the first day of  the week, month, year or anything that pushes a reset button in our brains.  We automatically think ” yay fresh start”  so I might as well use it to my advantage.  The main thing I need is to get into action especially since  I’ve been a little stuck (understatement alert!) with my hifdh lately.

I read a great post yesterday by Productive Muslim about beating procrastination.  Heres a link to it www.productivemuslim.com.  It’s a drawing with several really effective steps to help anyone overcome that nasty habit.

One of the steps mentioned was to make it public, so here I am declaring to you all that I’d like to complete memorisation of  suratul Hajj  and suratul Mu’minoon by the end of April in-shaa Allaah.

The children have a little calendar of their own to set goals with maasha Allaah.  I asked them what challenge they would like to set for themselves.   My son said “The Qur’aan” so after a little talk he realised that even though he could achieve this, something a little smaller might be easier!   So they decided that they’d like to finish Suratul Mu’minoon and Suratun-Nur by the end of April in-shaa Allaah.  My Husband decided on Suratu Maryam.

Going with the theme of declaring our goals to help us  get them done, I’d now like  to open this challenge to YOU.

Why not join us for our April Challenge.  Is there a goal you have for your hifdh?

Now’s your chance to make it public.  Just leave a  comment in the box below with the goal that you have and in a week I’ll post an update to see how we are all getting along.   Encourage others to join you, one of the best things you can do with friends and family is something that is pleasing to Allaah and memorising Qur’aan has so much reward attached to it.  Your goal can be anything, it doesn’t have to be big, maybe 1 line per day or to read a page per day or review 2 surahs and review the meaning in your own language, memorise some Arabic vocabulary from the Qur’aan…the choice is yours!

So all that’s left now is for me to beg shamelessly lol…please dont leave me here all alone, please set some goals with me.

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