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Woman memorises Qur’aan with techniques she learned from a Baby????


Assalaamu alaikum,

strange title I know but its a true story, let me explain…

As adults we are always expected to be the  brave ones, those that watch over and protect the weak from amongst us,  like shepherds and their sheep.  We always see it as our job to pass down the skills we have obtained from the great journey of life but when I look around me…well mostly at myself I see the opposite.

As we grow older I see that a lot of adults instead of learning to be brave and embrace new things, they learn to be afraid.  We tend to hold onto our limitations and use them as security blankets that keep us snugly in our comfort zones.

Too often I hear people including myself making  excuses to stop them from learning or doing something new.   “I’m not good at that sort of thing” , ” I don’t learn well in groups”,  “Oh but its easy for her she’s smart maasha Allaah I’m not like that”,  “I tried but I just can’t do it”, “of course he can do it, he’s single or he’s married, or she’s so slim or she’s stronger, she’s a convert, hes born muslim and I’m not like that… etc

Instead of accepting the challenge we tend to pass it up for something that we feel is easier.  A lurking fear of failure stops us from tasting the sweet reward of  hard word and achievement.

Babies aren’t like this arent like this at all. When was the last time you heard a baby say “Hmmmm, I’m not good at this talking thing, I think I’ll leave it and try something else” or “she’s so good at walking maasha Allaah I’m not like that I’ll just stick to crawling” or even, ” I really don’t think eating  is for me, I just can’t seem to get the food in”…..right, never!

Babies have a no-excuse policy when it comes to learning new things.  They try, try and try again until they achieve.  It might take one a little longer than another but that never stops them from moving towards their goals. They don’t care  if they get it wrong or fall, they just get up and back in the game, subhan Allaah they’re amazing!

The same goes for older children, sometimes I feel like when I tell one of my children “no” for something they try even harder to find different ways to get it.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy always ready to tell ourselves what we can’t do but I’m going to try to be a baby in-shaa Allaah lol.

I once read something along the lines of whatever you lack in skill, make up for it with hard work and consistency and you will be able to achieve the same things  as those you believe have more ability.

So if it takes her 1 day to learn an ayah but you can’t in that time, that’s fine just do more repetitions even if it takes you 10 days, if you want it bad enough you’ll put the time in and you will get to the same place as her you just have to work a little harder, the key is consistency.  Don’t do  a little  one day and then give up the next or even burn yourself out trying to do too much, just choose a small comfortable amount and commit to doing it everyday and be consistent and you will see the results.

May Allaah make it easy for us to please Him as gaining His pleasure is the true success.

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