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Qur’aan Reminder No.16


 The Benefit of Surah Al-Baqarah

Do not make your home a graveyard, the Shaitan runs from the home in which Surah Baqrah is recited.

(Sahih Muslim)

Learn Surah Yusuf With Us!


Assalaamu alaikum,


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Maa shaa Allaah it was suggested that we make our hifdh of Surah Yusuf a joint project for everyone for Ramadhaan and we thought it was an excellent idea! (more…)

Surah Yusuf For Ramadhaan Project

Assalaamu alaikum,

What’s been happening?

Alhamdulillaah today the children finished Surah Al Ma’idah. We’re all really pleased alhamdulillaah.

What’s next? (more…)

Be a Hifdh Helper


Assalaamu alaikum,


there are some people in my life that I will always make dua for.

I truly appreciate the value that they add to my family.  My children adore these brothers and sisters and they make our hifdh journey so much easier for us. (more…)

Don’t Be A Lone Hifdh Ranger


Assalaamu alaikum,

Group of human hands showing unity

everyday we all have a reason to wake and be grateful but today, I am feeling especially blessed.

The choice that we’ve made to try to memorise the Qur’aan is one that occupies my mind throughout the day.  Not in the sense that I am always busy with it, how I wish that were the case, but rather these days, I am always thinking and worrying about it.  As I finish different tasks and/or become preoccupied with other things…I keep stopping to think “when will I get a moment to stop and do my hifdh?, when will I get a chance to get my mushaf?, will this be another day that I don’t get to do as much as I’d like to?” (more…)

Some Methods To Motivate Unmotivated Children


Assalaamu alaikum,

its been such a long time since I’ve written last.

We’ve been working on our hifdh but I’ve spent quite a bit of time being unwell.  Whenever I get better I spend a lot of time playing catch-up around the house and with my studies but alhamdulillaah I feel a lot better at the moment.

I realise now that my children take a lot of their motivation to carry on from me so during the time when I was unwell I slowed down and sadly they did too.

My son suffered a lot more that my daughter during this period of time.  We tried several things to encourage him and stop him from stopping!  I don’t like the idea of forcing children to do hifdh.  I need the association with this beautiful journey to be as good as I can possibly make it.  For this reason I don’t like to apply pressure.

These memories will stay with them for life and so I want them to be able to look back at the time when they first started to memorise the Qur’aan and smile.

  • One of the things that helped  to encourage him were the achievement parties.  They always enjoy those and so the promise of one coming upon completion of a page or a surah helped keep him going.
  • Another thing was our special trips to restaurants.  We don’t often eat out so it really was very nice for them to be in a different environment as a treat for their hard work.  We often take pictures of the food as reminders.
  • We revisited the wonderful series Traveller with the Quran on YouTube.  We all love to watch them and find them really inspiring.
  • The “hifdh-spiration” books have also been a great help as they encourage them to visualise what it will be like when they complete their targets.  They use them in a similar way to a scrapbook sticking pictures ahadeeth, and poems inside that motivate them and pictures of parties that they’ve had etc.
  • The hifdh charts have been a great help as they can see how they are progressing and how well they are doing.  They love to see the whole chart complete.
  • I have also printed out certificates for them and put them into their achievement folders.  We have special days where we give  them their certificates and medals of we’ve made them.
  • Watching me do mine is probably one of the most encouraging things for them as they know that they are not alone.
  • Challenges that we set as a family or with friends (that’s you *smiles).  Its Winter and I find this to be one of the best times for a challenge so I’ll keep you all posted in shaa Allaah.
  • Money!  Sometimes we give them some money as a reward for their hard work.  Its simple but it works.
  • Shortening the amount of time they spend on hifdh or lessening the amount they memorise.  This is good when its hard to get them started.  Set a timer for 5-10 minutes and sit with them going over 1-2 ayahs.  Then praise them a lot when they’re finished, set a date and time for the next hifdh session telling them how much you enjoyed it and leave them until then.  We like to try to show them that even though the session was short we got a lot of reward for it using hadith about the reward for each letter of the Qur’aan.
  • Being around or just seeing other children that memorise is good.
  • Consistency is also very important.  Whatever days we set for hifdh, we have to try and stick to it as they lose trust in our word if we break small arrangments like this with them.  Shortening the time is fine but the day needs to be stuck to.
  • This is probably the most powerful, praise and lots of hugs and affection.  We try to show them and tell them regularly that we are really proud of them regardless.

Please do share any tips you have for motivating children, it all helps so much.

I pray that Allaah make it easy for us and all of you on this journey and accept it from us all aameen.

Your Folder Of Incredible Achievements


Assalaamu alaikum

We really like to give the children personalised medals and certificates when they complete big surahs or a  juz .

We decided that it’d be nice if they had a folder of some sort to keep the certificates and medals in.  they’d be protected and it would be something nice to look at sometimes and see how far they had come on the journey.

To make it, I bought an A4 presentation folder/ring binder  (the type that has an opening for you to insert your own cover), some plastic wallets for the certificates and I also managed to get hold of some medal sleeves with holes for the ring binder.  They’re used by medal collectors.

I put  a special cover in with their names and they really liked it alhamdulillaah.  This is the cover.


I pray that it be a source of benefit for us all aameen



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