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Be a Hifdh Helper


Assalaamu alaikum,


there are some people in my life that I will always make dua for.

I truly appreciate the value that they add to my family.  My children adore these brothers and sisters and they make our hifdh journey so much easier for us. (more…)

7 Day Hifdh Homework Diary Template



Assalaamu alaikum,

Alhamdulillaah we’ve just finished our first template for a basic hifdh homework diary.

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while but subhan Allaah, I can be so absent-minded may Allaah help me.

I tried to include sections for the things that we use to plan our weeks and there is a little space for homework assignments and things like that from madrasah.  Ideally its set to be printed A4 and folded or cut in half  like a bound diary.

The sections that we put in are what we used to write in our “life books” (the wonderful diarys from productive Muslim and Siratt)  I used that layout and some other diarys that we have, as a guide so it does look terribly similar.  My children prefer this layout as I guess it looks a little more child friendly.


I’ll keep working on it  to improve it in shaa Allaah.7-day-hifdh-homework-diary


I pray that Allaah make this of a benefit and accept it from us and protect us from insincerity aameen.

I’m so tired, I feel like I’m sleep-typing lol



7 Hifdh Tips For Busy People (Especially Mothers)


Assalaamu alaikum

These are some of the things that I’ve found to be really helpful.  I hope that they can be of someuse to somebody out there.

First and foremost, we make dua to Allaah to make our task easy for us and to accept it from us as a good deed.  I won’t include this as a step as this is something that as muslims is an integral part of all of our lives as we know, without Allaah permission we are unable to do anything.

1. Realistic Goal setting

Sit down and decide exactly what it is that you’d like to do.  How much you’d like to memorise be it 1 page, 1 juz etc  Set your amount in writing so that its clear in your mind.  (more…)

A Sample Hifdh Schedule for Children


Assalaamu alaikum,


this method  is one that I really like for teaching children or any beginners.
I have some other young children that I teach and this is the technique we use.  Alhamdulillaah I find it to be really effective and easy to work with. (more…)

We Are Now A Family Of Life-Bookers!


Assalaamu alaikum,

siratt desk lifebook

Maa shaa Allaah we decided that it was time for us to try to take our organisation as a family  to a higher level. (more…)

Ways To Memorise: Using Computer/Phone/Mp3 software


Assalaamu alaikum

mobile hifdh

I’m a person that likes to learn by listening.  I still read from the Mushaf at the same time, but my main focus is always  on the reciter.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to learn by listening, as you can’t always have the equipment that you need when you want to memorise.  However Allaah has blessed us with some wonderful technology that can be used as tools to help us with this problem.  Some of these are even small enough to be popped into your  pocket!

I personally use a combination of my phone and computer to memorise.  I am currently using this website and the app of the same site for both http://quran.ksu.edu.sa/.   You can read more about it here (My favourite hifdh/memorisation tool so far).

I’m  going to give you a step by step guide to what I do in-shaa Allaah.  It’s for a specific program, but the functions that I use can be found in many different computer programs and apps so you should be able to use the same method by making a few small changes in-shaa Allaah.

So here goes (I’ll be using this picture to guide you through with numbers to show you exactly what I click in case you want to use the same website/app) (more…)

My Favourite Hifdh/Memorisation Tool So Far


Assalaamu alaikum,


I’m so happy that I’ve finally sat down to write this post subhan Allaah.

I absolutely love, love, LOVE this program.

There are many other tools out there that you can use for hifdh but for me personally, this is the best one I’ve come across Maa shaa Allaah.  It just does all of the things (well, almost all, but I ask for a lot!) that we need it to do.

For those that don’t need any explanation here is the link  quran.ksu.edu.sa

Now, I’m going to explain why I love it so much.  (more…)

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