Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan


Assalaamu alaikum,

Theres something on my mind that’s really been bothering me.

I often meet people that feel sad and demotivated because they’re unable to memorise quickly. At times these people stop altogether as they feel they lack the ability to do it. As much as you try to convince them, they’re adamant that they’re incapable. It’s not that they’re unable but they’re usually not memorising as much as they wanted to. I wonder to myself, “who is it that they’re comparing themselves to?” why is the bar they’ve set so high?

A lot of the time, its children. They compare their “old brains to the fresh new and impressionable ones they see on videos or in the mosque or Quran schools etc. Maybe even their own.

I honestly think its wrong.

Allah placed children in our (adult) care because generally they can’t look after themselves. They look to us for guidance in every little thing that they do, why? Because they lack knowledge and experience. As they grow older, their experiences shape and mould their thoughts and actions, they begin to understand for themselves.

Until they reach that point of maturity everything is looked at with pure innocence.

With no life experiences, can they truly read the ayat of Allah and contemplate their meanings? I don’t think so, maybe on a rare occasion but generally I think they’re too busy being carefree children.

I think this is one of the factors that makes it easier for them to memorise quickly.

As for us as adults, our experiences have already shaped us. We know something of life with it’s troubles and stress. We know what it is to turn to Allah and beg for His help or turn to Him in immense gratitude for His many blessings subhan Allah.

The ayat in the Qur’an have a different meaning to us. We know they contain the guidance we seek from our Lord Allah. We know it has solutions to our problems, that the words that will soften our hearts and fill us with amazement. We know the Quran contains all of this and more, as children we’re not negligent of this, we’re just too young to understand.

When we as adults try to learn quickly, I feel that our hearts know what they’re reading and want us to stop and ponder. What if this perceived “slowness” in hifdh is your heart trying to force you to feed it, to pause and contemplate allowing the words of Allah to put it at rest. Maybe our hearts want us to apply what we’re reading to our lives.

Unless we are in institutions for memorisation that follow a schedule, there’s no time limit telling us how long it should take.

There isn’t any real reason for the general Muslim to rush their memorisation. We see narrations mentioning a Companion Ibn Umar spent a number of years (it is said 8yrs) memorising surah Al Baqarah.

Another narration from Abu Abdul Rahman Al Sulami where he said (English translation) “It had been related to us by those by those who used to teach us to read the Quran, the likes of of Uthman Ibn ‘Affan, ‘Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood and other than them, that when learning from the Prophet () they would not proceed past 10 verses until they had learnt what was contained in them of knowledge and action. They said “So we learnt the Quran, knowledge and action all at once. ” This is why it would take them sometime to memorise a single surah.”

Allah mentions in the Quran (English translation) Surah Saad 38:29

(This is) a blessed book We have revealed to you that they might reflect over its verses and that those of understanding would be reminded.

This is one ayah of many that remind us that the Qur’an has been given to us to reflect upon.

The books that explain the Quran are more accessible than ever alhamdulillah, we can read tafsir from our phones!

Next time we’re having difficulty with hifdh maybe we can try having a good look into the meaning. It will always be of benefit to us.

This is a reminder to myself first and formost.

I pray that Allah bless us with the desire and ability to contemplate the Quran. May He soften our hearts due to our contemplation and beautify our thought actions, both public and private with our understanding of it aameen

Comments on: "Adult Hifdh Vs. Child Hifdh, Is It The Same?" (1)

  1. Aameen ya Rab, beautiful reminder. May Allah enable us all to remember this.

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