Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan

Daily Qur’an Reading


Assalaamu alaikum,

I pray that you’re all well and still buzzing from a beatiful Ramadhan and Super-Fun Eid!

We’d like to put these here for a special page called Ramadhan Prep .  Its early we know but we hope it’ll come in handy in a few months insha Allah

These charts might be helpful if you want to increase the amount  we read per day.  It may be that you would like to add to your daily amount or  build a consistent habit of opening your mushaf every day.  There is one for fluent readers (starts with 1/2 page)  and one for those that find reading challenging (starts for 1line) .  They are meant to be used as a rough guide but you can alter as you wish.

There is also another chart to tick that helps us monitor our daily activity.  A box is ticked once we’ve done our daily reading.  Its nice when done as a family or in a group as we can help encourage each other.

I pray that Allah accept all of our efforts and reward you all heavily for the reading you do and the reading you intend to do aameen

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daily-reading-beginnersquran-Challenge-weekly-checklist - Made with PosterMyWall

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