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Hifdh With ADHD Hack No. 1: Shorter Sessions


Try working in mini sessions with smaller targets.   Working in short bursts helps to maintain focus and motivation. 5-15 minutes may seem too little to some but for them its perfect. 

This is a somewhat extreme example of  a short session versus a longer one:

1. Complete concentration for a small amount of time

2.  Complete concentration  for a small amount of the time then, trying to stop your mind from wandering for the rest of the session.

Things don’t always go this way but this shows an example of how things can be when you have a short attention span. 
Studying this way can help keep things interesting and stop them from making the negative association of boredom with hifdh and Allah knows best. 

Updated Routine (Mummy) 


Assalaamu alaikum, 

Ive been battling with myself over the last few years to organise my schedule as it’s increased and then increased again in activity. It’s been and still is,  challenging for me as for some reason, I don’t like to follow timetables.  It’s like there’s a switch in my brain telling me  “rebel rebel” when I see my daily  life written out before me lol!  Allah aid me. It doesn’t stop me making them though, I still try different ways …so many different ways, to stay on top of things. I pray I find something that works for me one day, other than my poor failing memory. 

I don’t have a lot of time for myself these days so my new review schedule somewhat tailored to work with this. I am also the type of person that tends to mentally record what I hear more than what I read  so I like to use audio a lot. It works well for me alhamdulillaah. 

My main aim at the moment is reinforcement. 


I take approximately 2 juz and download the audios for each surah. I try to use the reciters that I learned that particular surah with as, the way they read it is usually still recorded in my mind from it’s hifdh (If  that can’t be done then someone I like to listen to works great).  Then everyday for the next 30days, I try my best to listen to these surahs.   Using time when my body is busy but my mind no , works best for me. Examples of this kind of activity are cooking, cleaning, ironing commuting etc,  the type of thing that can be done on auto pilot. 

Along with this, 2pages are chosen every day from the same 2 juz and each page read between 10 and 20 times each.  It doesn’t take too long as you tend to get faster the more you read it. The following day the next 2pages from  the 2juz are read in repetition. 

It would look like this:

For June I have chosen and downloaded juz Amma and juz Tabarak.

Monday 1St June I will listen to mp3 audios of both juz. Later on that day I will read 2pages or all of surah al Mulk.  I will read each page 10times totalling the amount of approx 20pages. 

Tuesday 2nd June I will listen to both juz again and this time, Surah Al Qalam reading each page 10 times each.

Wednesday 3rd June I will listen to both juz again but this time I’ll read Surah Al Haaqah repeating each page 10times.

  This will carry on for another 30days. 

I still do normal reading in order through the mushaf from Al Baqarah to Al Nas but the amount varies day to day. 

Time doesnt permit me to read from memory to anyone at the moment but this may change one day. For now I’ll keep preparing for that using this method, Allah make it easy for me ameen

May Allah make it easy for us all and bless our time so that we are able to achieve maximum benefit from every day of our lives doing things that please Him azza wa jalla aameen

Hifdh Of Qur’an With ADHD?


Assalaamu alaikum


hifdh with children can be a challenge but when you have a child that has difficulty focusing or seems to have legs that that run on never-ending batteries, it can seem near impossible!

Having ADHD or ADD can definetely make things a bit more of a challenge but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.  You just have to sometimes, approach things from a different angle. You have be willing to go through some trial and error to see what works best for you. We’re all different so what helps one person might not be good for you.  It may already sound like a tedious process but this is why before you start, you and/or your child need to understand what makes this so important?   They need to know how special they will be and feel. Sit and brainstorm the benefits with them or by yourself (it worked for me *smiles* ).

These reasons why, by the permission of Allah, will be the fuel to their engines, the very thing that will help keep them coming back again and again to keep trying. If the reason why their doing it isn’t strong enough or appealing to them, this is where things can become difficult so be as elaborate as you can. Mention everything they’ll like. The ayat,  the ahadeeth,  the praise, special trips out , the cake lol! whatever works for them.  Things like the hifdhspiration journal we spoke about, can be very helpful for adults and children as it’s created by them and it contains what personally motivates them.

Make lots of dua and then make even more as every drip of knowledge we gain is only there with Allaahs permission so we must always continue to ask and teach our children to ask too.

Alhamdulillaah, there are some other things you can do to help hifdh with ADHD/ADD children so we’ve decided to make it into series In shaa Allah rather than trying to cram it all in here.

I pray that Allah bless you all, make your affairs easy for you and and accept all your efforts and this from us Aameen .

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