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Update: My New Routine (Mummy)


Assalaamu alaikum,

since my son and daughter finished their hifdh things have just felt different for me.  I’m not talking about the supreme elation that some speak of when their children complete their hifdh but rather, I feel…antsy or….restless…I can’t really put a word to it  but I’ll try to explain. (more…)

Now HE DID IT May Allaah bless him!!!


Assalaamu alaikum


a few moments ago my son read those last ayat of Surah Hujaraat ALLAAHU AKBAR!!!!

He was so nervous that he was itchy all over and it stopped as soon as he finished subhan Allaah!

Alhamdulillaah everyone was home to give him a hug and a cheer.

May Allaah bless them abundantly We’re all so happy.

It is most definetely PARTY TIME in shaa Allah!

Post-Hifdh Routine


Assalaamu alaikum

May Allaah bless her,  since she completed her 1st round of hifdh, my daughter has now started a new routine for revision.  It’s very similar to what she was doing before but just slightly different.

Her new daily routine is as follows: (more…)

Update : Challenges In Hifdh


Assalaamu alaikum

alhamdulillaah its been a really interesting week.  My son has been working super hard these last few days Allahumma baarik alaihi (Allah bless him).

With under a juz and just a few days remaining till completion, its been exciting and also quite challenging for him. (more…)

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