Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan

Its A Super-Update!!!!


Assalaamu alaikum

We’ve been away for a very long time subhan Allaah!  There have been a few different reasons but alhamdulillaah we are all good and healthy now.

Even though we’ve been away we’ve all still been working really hard.

During Ramadhan they had a bit of a boost with their hifdh.  They finished Surah Yusuf quite quickly and carried on memorising at a much faster pace maa Shaa Allaah.  My daughter (now 11yrs) decided that she wanted to move ahead of her brother (9yrs) and learn more than him per day so we agreed to help her.  She increased her daily portion bit by bit and seemed to be managing  it really well and even enjoying the new amount.  Subhan Allaah one of the nicest things for me has been to see her so much more confident.  A few years ago she was complaining that she wasnt “good at hifdh like her brother” and here she was now learning 5 pages a day Allaahu akbar!

This increase towards the end of hifdh is something that I’ve always read about but to see it happening has been amazing subhan Allaah.

It also has really encouraged my son to increase his daily portion too alhamdulillaah.

It has definitely not been easy keeping up with the rewards and mini parties lol they’ve just been moving too fast.

My exciting news is that now today as of this morning my daughter has just 11 pages left to finish round 1 of hifdh!   My son has arrived at 24 ajzaa May Allaah bless them both aameen.

I’m not too far behind but still a distance from them …moving along *smiles*

Honestly I am still a little shocked at how quickly it all happened subhan Allaah.

The dua of the parent for their child is accepted so I must continue to ask Allaah to make it easy for them now and the rest of their lives to retain His speech in their hearts and that it preserve them from harm and that He love them for it ameen.

May Allaah accept our efforts from us as good deeds aameen

Sooooo EXCITED!!!!!!!!

Comments on: "Its A Super-Update!!!!" (17)

  1. Mashallah!!!!!! May Allah subhana wa ta’la continue to bless you and your family. It has been such an inspiration to read throughout the years the progress of your family. Sometimes I say to myself out of eagerness when will they post the next update alhamdullilah it keeps me inspired. I ask Allah to continue to bless you on your journey and place you and your family in jennatu firdos with nearness to Him Ameen.

  2. Love your family, you keep me and my daughter motivated. May Allah Bless you All an make it easy for you Ameen

  3. MashaAllah Tabarak Al Rahmman

  4. SubhanAllah! May Allah subhanahu wa taala bless you and your family steadfastness in this path ameen. It’s inspirational to see a family committed to one common goal; reminds me of the Companions and their families. SubhanAllah! May Allah subhanahu wa taala accept it from you ameen.

    • aameen and may Allaah accept your efforts from you and reward you greatly in the dunya and the akhirah with much much goodness and May He be pleased with you aameen. Thank you so much for your continued support and duas I pray htat Allaah reward you with good for all taht you do aameen

  5. thewindupbirdspeaks said:

    I can not keep smiling after reading this update 🙂 Your daughter seems so motivated masha’Allah I can not believe she is only 11! Insha’Allah with these precious skills she is learning at such a long age she will go so, so far in life (and your son as well iA). May Allah swt grant you and your family completion of hifdh, and strength in imaan, and the ability to keep updating us with such great news!!

    • Aameen You are another person whose support has really helped keep us motivated Allaah bless you and increase you and preserve you upon goodness and may Allaah love you aameen Thank you so much

  6. MashaAllah this is so great – JazakAllah for sharing your achievements. I am very happy for you all. We continue to make duas for you. Can I get your advice please. I have recently learnt to read the Quran. I want to memorise and know some suras by heart. Where do I start? I dont have a “sponsor” – someone to coach me. Any tips on what I can do?

    May the Peace, Mercy and Blessing of the Creator be with you, Nafisa


    • Baarakallaahu feeki sister Nafisa baarakallaahu feeki I really appreciate your lovely comment and beautiful duas Allaah bless you ❤ aameen ❤ I honestly feel so overwhelmed and emotional when I hear from you all you subhan Allaah. Do you have a masjid nearby that you attend or how is your internet access? I know of some teachers online but let me know what is available to you locally. You can reply here or email too (but I think here is faster). our email is thehifdhclub@gmail.com.
      Take care my dear sister May Allaah grant you goodness everyday of your life aameen ❤

  7. Mashaa-Allah
    براك الله فيكم
    May Allah accept every single letter from you all and make the rest of the journey easier.
    You have motivated me to restart my hifdh and start with my daughters inshaa-Allah

    • aameen, I’m going to call you Ummi *smiles* aameen I feel so happy that you even come and read and make dua for us but for you to restart your hifdh with your daughter is like you gave us a special gift subhan Allaah. May Allaah make your journey easy for you and fruitful and enjoyable aameen. Please please please do keep me updated we are all family in this together ❤ ❤

  8. Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuh! Tabaarak Allah! May Allah continue helping and blessing you and your family in this world and next! I am sooooooo happy for you! 😍 Alhamdulillah I get inspiration form reading your journey and helps me to work with my kids. (My eldest 9 yo completed 10 juz and younger kid 7yo completed 5 juz, Alhamdulillah. Although I am a waaaaay behind my kids. May Allah accept it from you with a beautiful acceptance and may your kids become from one of the leading Quraan teachers I the world! Aameen

    • Allahumma baarik alaikum ajma’een this is really excellent progress aameen to your beautiful dua, thisis the most important thing as without acceptance we have nothing and maybe even sin, may Allaah protect us from insincerity and accept these actions from us and bless us and our children with a good understanding of the benefits of this and may it be the seed of the fruit of eemaan as they grow older and older aameen. ❤

  9. Mash Allah that is great news. I too have been eagerly waiting for an update, and what a update it is mash Allah, so worth the wait. I am sooo happy for you and your family sister, you are all doing amazing mash Allah. I pray Allah blesses you and your family abundantly gives you the best in this world and Jannatul firdaus in akhirah.

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