Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan


Assalaamu alaikum,


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Maa shaa Allaah it was suggested that we make our hifdh of Surah Yusuf a joint project for everyone for Ramadhaan and we thought it was an excellent idea!

Co-operation upon goodness is something that makes our Ummah special.

This Surah is just 12 pages long.  It may seem like a lot for some but when you look at it compared to Juz ‘amma its like memorising up to Inshiqaq, just past Surah al-A’laa so not so difficult.

Someone has even offered to create a course on the website Memrise to help us all to learn the Arabic vocabulary which is excellent alhamdulillaah and so helpful may Allaah accept it from them aameen.

To finish before the end of Ramadhaan we’ve set our portion at a minimum of 1/4 page (5 lines) per day.  Less or more than this can be learned per day it’s all down to your own personal preference.

We’ll try to put together some charts to help us monitor our progress in shaa Allaah.

Another thing we’d like to do is send out small portions of Tafseer so that we can follow the explanation along with our memorisation.

All resources (like charts, vocab course, audios etc) will be kept on this page

Surah Yusuf For Ramadhaan Project

So are you interested in joining?

If yes, please keep checking this page for updates

May Allaah enable us and make it super easy for us all to complete it and make it a benefit and increase our eman by it and accept it from us all aameen

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