Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan

Be a Hifdh Helper


Assalaamu alaikum,


there are some people in my life that I will always make dua for.

I truly appreciate the value that they add to my family.  My children adore these brothers and sisters and they make our hifdh journey so much easier for us.

They are the Aunties and Uncles that stop and ask my children how they are doing?  What are they learning?  Their warm smiles and words of encouragement always leave my children happy and motivated in their hifdh.

There are times when I know my children may become bored of only hearing from me, but when someone outside of our family says something it helps them so much.  Sometimes these people even challenge them and offer small rewards if they are able to complete these challenges.

These are not blood members of our family but just people that we see around, in the masjid and friends but I see them as part of my family  as they add so much.  This is particularly true as we are converts to Islam and so we don’t get this kind of help in hifdh from our external family members as they are not Muslim.

We can all be this person and we should rush to try to fill this role.  Who knows what kind impact our encouragement could have on the children we speak to.  We could end up claiming a share of the reward they get from Allaah for helping them to memorise the Qur’aan.

It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to offer a smile and ask about a child’s hifdh progress. Offering praise and encouragement not only makes them feel good but us too ( there isn’t much I love more than putting a smile on another persons face).

May Allaah bless them abundantly for taking the time to speak to my children and encourage them so much.  May Allaah aid us to all encourage the children we know and see all the time and may our encouragement be of great help aameen


Comments on: "Be a Hifdh Helper" (9)

  1. Masha’Allah, very well said!

    I can truly relate to this feeling of random people asking about our kids’ progress and praising them for the hard work they are doing… its such a tremendously happy moment and deep in your heart, you feel intensely contented!

    • you have such a good way with words maa shaa Allaah baarakallaahu feekum. Thank you for your positive comment (and thank you for jolting me back into action*thumbs up*)

  2. I am a revert to islam I have memorized to Surah Baqarah, The Muslims born and revert some tell me I should not be able to recite Quran, as I am not arab by birth and I am a non white revert, also they say I dont have the greatest sounding voice even tho Ive studied Tajweed they discourage me, by telling me i should not and that its a waste of time.
    How would u respond to that?

    • to be honest my dear sister, I dont think that I would even respond.When someone says something to you, the first thing you check is “is it true?” if it is then you can act to rectifiying it and if its not then you can carry on as you are. You arent doing this for the pleasure or approval of those people so if they think that you should stop then thats their opinion and they are entitled to it. Keep going and make sure that you always learn with a teacher if you are able. Always check your intention and constantly remind yourself that you are doing it for Allaahs pleasure and the potential reward you could recieve and you will find that what people have to say becomes less and less important. Look for the positive people around you that encourage you. Baarakallaahu feeki. Do you have a teacher?

      • yeah alhamdulillah I do have a Quran Teacher that I have been going too for over 7 years now

  3. yes you are right the only reason I am doing it is for Allah and I want the blessing that come with it

  4. Alije Beluli said:

    Masha Allah sister Amira you are awesome keep it up until you get to the last ayah!! ♥ this is a beautiful website, I’m starting hifz teaching next week so this was really cute and helpful. .

  5. umm kulthoom said:

    Reblogged this on jannah.

  6. Umm Shareef said:

    As-salaamu aleykum sister,

    Yes, this is so very true. Our kids really are really encouraged by family and friends asking about their hifdh progress. We quite often take them to see a favourite aunty to practice recitation at the weekends after madrassa. She loves listening to them and is always so attentive, saying such nice words when they do well. She will sometimes give a nice present like a lovely khimar or a kufi mashallah.

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