Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan

The Upcoming Curriculum


Assalaamu alaikum,

I mentioned a while ago that we were starting a new project in shaa Allaah

an Islamic studies curriculum.

It’s something that really excites us alhamdulillaah and I pray that we are able to complete this project as it’s really important to us.

It can be very challenging teaching islamic studies from books to children.  There are a lot of things for them to remember and it can be tricky to keep their attention.

Theres one thing that I’ve found that helps a lot and its this….let me tell you a story…..

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who could not keep still at all.  At home, he couldn’t keep still, at school he couldn’t keep quiet.  The sound of his little feet pattering on the floor could be heard everywhere he went. He was just so busy in his own little world.

However, There was a special teacher who knew a sentence that when ever the little boy heard it, he would stop what he was doing, turn his little face to look at the teacher and sit completely still.  What was that special sentence you may be wondering?  It was this….

“let me tell you a story”

Those words have a special ability to get the attention of children and adults alike and I believe that teaching Islamic studies through story telling is an effective way to get them to pay attention and concentrate.  They also seem to find it easier to retain what they’ve learned.

These are some very important points  that we will try to incorporate in our curriculum stories :

*We will try to use as many senses as possible.  We find that when we mention smells , sights, textures and even tastes, it builds  super strong memories and helps the information stick!

*Personalisation. When telling  these stories we will try to ask questions or add prompts make them imagine themselves in the scenarios they’re hearing about. Questions like what they would do?  What would the people be thinking? etc   This really helps comprehension.  We  want them to imagine what it would be like if they were there and again, this helps understanding and helps build memories of the topic.

*Being lively is key when telling a story. Even though there are some stories that are  interesting  on their own, an exciting voice anda  few body actions can add another level of fun.

children have extremely vivid imaginations and teaching through stories helps to work with that natural ability they have.

The stories will be based on the Prophets that are mentioned the most in the Qur’aan as we feel this will aid tadabbur (contemplation) of the Qur’aan             bi ithnillaah.  we are still hoping to include things about making wudu and how to pray and some select arabic vocabulary from the Qur’aan.

Please make dua for us,

I pray that Allaah bless this project, I pray that we are able to see it through and that it be a benefit to our children and that Allaah accept it from us as good deeds aameen.


Comments on: "The Upcoming Curriculum" (3)

  1. Mona Karim said:

    Bismillah Walaiki salam,

    May Allah subhana wa.tala bless you to complete this project and make it easy for you to be successful teaching your children and let it weigh heavy in your scale of good deeds for every person who uses your program ameen.


    • Allahumma aameen , baarakallaahu feeki yaa Umm Shayma I really appreciate your duas always subhan Allaah you dont know how much may Allaah bless you always ❤ ❤

    • Umm Shayma maa shaa Allaah its so nice to hear from you again, thank you so much for your encouragement and lovely dua, I pray that Allaah grant you the same and more aameen
      jazaakillaahu khayran It really means a lot to us all ❤ ❤ ❤

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