Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan


Assalaamu alaikum

We really like to give the children personalised medals and certificates when they complete big surahs or a  juz .

We decided that it’d be nice if they had a folder of some sort to keep the certificates and medals in.  they’d be protected and it would be something nice to look at sometimes and see how far they had come on the journey.

To make it, I bought an A4 presentation folder/ring binder  (the type that has an opening for you to insert your own cover), some plastic wallets for the certificates and I also managed to get hold of some medal sleeves with holes for the ring binder.  They’re used by medal collectors.

I put  a special cover in with their names and they really liked it alhamdulillaah.  This is the cover.


I pray that it be a source of benefit for us all aameen



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  1. […] have also printed out certificates for them and put them into their achievement folders.  We have special days where we give  them their certificates and medals of we’ve made […]

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