Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan


Assalaamu alaikum,

Group of human hands showing unity

Alhamdulillaah Ramadhaan was really nice for us and I pray that you were all able to benefit as much as you aimed and that Allaah accept it from us all aameen.

It came and went so fast.  It feels almost like a distant memory now, like it was months ago Allahul Musta’aan.  We all read a lot during fasting time  but slowed right down after Eid.

Their revision program was fine alhamdulillaah they were able to maintain that but their memorisation had just stopped!

I try not to pressure them into doing their hifdh so I ‘d ask them a few times a day if they were going to memorise.  The reply was always yes but then they’d  get distracted with their new toys and games lol!

I set challenges with prizes but they still were very relaxed.

I thought to myself,  maybe they were feeding off what they could see from me.  You see,  I usually wake up before them and often hide myself away for hifdh so they never see me do it.  My Husband does the same in the Masjid.  One thing we know is that they need to see us doing it too.   I know  they are usually always willing to join me in an activity and that gave me a new plan.

That morning I called them to have a special Hifdh Club  meeting.  They always seem to like our meetings, it lets them know  what they have to say is important.

I announced that we would be changing our routine.  Instead of having separate reading times for hifdh and revision, we would set times where we would all review and memorise at the same time.  This meant we would all (Mummy and Daddy included) get our mushaf and sit in the same room spaced as if we had our own madrasah.

They both liked the idea and we agreed to start the same morning.

By the permission of Allaah, it seems to of done the trick.

Our Hifdh momentum is slowly picking up again alhamdulillaah.

We also need to start printing the hifdh charts out as that stopped too (naughty Mummy!).

I think now might be the time to set one of those hifdh challenges, especially since Eid al Adhaa is right around the corner….

May Allaah help us and make all of our affairs easy for us Aameen.

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