Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan


Assalaamu alaikum

These are some of the things that I’ve found to be really helpful.  I hope that they can be of someuse to somebody out there.

First and foremost, we make dua to Allaah to make our task easy for us and to accept it from us as a good deed.  I won’t include this as a step as this is something that as muslims is an integral part of all of our lives as we know, without Allaah permission we are unable to do anything.

1. Realistic Goal setting

Sit down and decide exactly what it is that you’d like to do.  How much you’d like to memorise be it 1 page, 1 juz etc  Set your amount in writing so that its clear in your mind.  Base this target on your own ability  and make sure its realistic. Don’t compare yourself to others when doing this, look at what you have already done and use this as a model. You and your past achievements are some of the best examples to help direct you towards where you’d like to go.

Example: Goal No.1: I have memorised 1 juz.

2.Chunking down.

For those that have never heard of this term, I have a joke  I heard that helps to explain. Here goes……

Q. How do you eat an elephant?  A. one bite at a time

ok so it’s not a very good joke if a joke at all, but what it tells me is that if  I want to complete a large task, the best way to do it is to cut it up into small bite sized manageable pieces.  Thinking about completing a large task can seem daunting and completely overwhelming but when cut down into small daily activities, the pressure is lifted and it reaffirms that you can do what you’ve set out to do, no matter how big a task it is by focusing on finishing each small task.  When its done, celebrate its completion no matter how small it is.  Well done, youre taking steps towards your dream.  Everything is possible by the will of Allaah.

Example: I will memorise 1/2 a page per day or for 25 minutes per day in shaa Allaah.

3. Set Deadlines

Everyone likes stories that have endings.  A  deadline will help you to have something to focus on, to drive your activity towards.  Don’t just limit yourself to setting a deadline for the final end of the task, try setting deadlines for the small tasks that take you towards your final goal.

Example: I’d like to finish 1 juz by 30th June 2014  I’d like to memorise 1/2 a page everyday after fajr or by 10pm

4. Chunking Up

This is a very important step that we take to help us understand the importance of our goal and give us our all-powerful WHY!

If the reason why you want to complete this goal is important enough to you, you will do whatever you can to make sure you get it done.  What we do is sit and think about why we want to attain these goals and  keep thinking up.  Keep asking why until you get to the end,  until you’re visualising the bigger picture.

Example:  I want to memorise half a page per day so that after a 40 days I’ll of finished a  juz.  Then if I do this consistently, maybe in approx 3 years or to be more precise by August 25th 2017  I’ll of completed the whole Qur’aan.  I do this because I want to gain Allaahs pleasure gain entrance to Al-Jannah and climb higher and higher for each ayah I recite.  I know the more I revise each ayah and even all the repetitions it takes me to get there, I want to gain 10 hasanat for each letter I read, I want to gain these things so that I can gain a higher place in Jannah.

Write these things down and read them when your feeling low or even everyday to keep you in focus.

5. Find A Friend

Doing it alone can be difficult, but if you find somebody else that wants to achieve the same thing with you, it can make everything seem soooooo much easier.   An added bonus is that it will build love between you and that person as you both strive to please Allaah together, cooperating upon goodness.

Example: Look at everyone, your husband, or other family members like parents, sisters and brothers or like I did with my children or your friends.

(children make extremely ruthless hifdh partners lol they have a strict no excuses policy, if you say it, they expect you to do it!)

6. Energy Management

Time management is out and energy management is IN!  Instead of trying to organise yourself to work at a specific time that sounds best, try to work at the times when you feel the best.  Work when your energy levels are high.  Hifdh is something that requires your concentration so you don’t want to try to memorise when you are feeling tired, or when you havent woken up properly yet or, in the middle of a day when you’re thoughts are still buzzing with the current happenings. Its like when somebody tries to speak to you when you’re not listening, you dont hear much at all because your head is somewhere else.   Try to choose times when you can focus, not just times that are free.  The hope is that by the permission of Allaah,  you will work more efficiently and get more done in a shorter space of time.

7. Use Audios

Try to have an audio of the surahs that you are memorising .  You can then listen to it while you are carrying out activities that occupy you physically but not necessarily mentally such as,  sitting on public transport, completing chores, stuck in traffic while driving, cooking etc  As your brain becomes more accustomed to hearing it,learning it will be a lot easier in shaa Allaah.  You can use this to help you review aswell.

I pray that Allaah make it easy for every person that has the desire to learn the His book and that it weigh heavy on their scale of good deeds aameen.

Comments on: "7 Hifdh Tips For Busy People (Especially Mothers)" (8)

  1. Assalaamu alaykum,

    I really enjoyed the post, especially the concept of managing “energy levels” and “chunking up”

    Jazakallaahu khair

  2. Ummu Isa said:

    Jazakullah’khair for the tips. I’m a mum of 2 little ones and losing hope I’ll ever finish as I’m so much slower than everyone else 😦 These have made me feel so much better and insha’allah I just have to keep going.

    • baarakallaahu feeki my dear sister, i’m so sorry I took so long to reply, i had some issues with some security settiings that I had put on, so secure I couldnt even get in myself lol!
      May Allaah bless you and make it easy for you, its definetely never too late, alhamdulillaah the adventures just beginning , always feel happy with any effort that you make for your hifdh. It may not always be the amount that you’d like itto be but its still a step closer to that great end goal. May Allaah accept your efforts from you aameen ❤

  3. This is extremely useful and practical. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  4. Umm Eemaan said:

    Thank you so much for sharing dear sis! May Allah bless you and your family always.

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