Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan


Assalaamu alaikum,


this method  is one that I really like for teaching children or any beginners.
I have some other young children that I teach and this is the technique we use.  Alhamdulillaah I find it to be really effective and easy to work with.

It’s based upon the student listening to audios. These audios are special ones that have a Teacher reciting the surah and a group of children repeating what the teacher recited after him.

Here is an example with Surah Al-Fatihah

You can download these audios here: children’s hifdh audios.  This method can be started with your child as soon as they can speak alhamdulillaah.

Consistency is really important.  The steps are quick and easy to follow, but they have to be done on a daily basis and by the permission of Allaah, this is what gets the results.


Step 1.
Pick a time everyday where the child will sit happily to learn the Qur’an. You won’t need long.   30minutes is the maximum.  I personally prefer the morning before breakfast but try to find a time that works best for you and your child that you can stick to. It helps if you both have a good energy level and there are minimal distractions around.  Also try to make sure that they aren’t going to follow their hifdh with an activity that takes a lot of thinking as this can distract them from what they’ve just memorised and Allaah knows best.

Step 2.
Let your child listen to the audio of the surah that they are learning.
They should read with the voices of the children imitating what the teacher has read.

They only need to do this once per day.

Praise them well when they have finished and if you wish, give them a nice sticker, star or food treat for their good work. We are aiming to build a positive association with their hifdh. We need them to grow up with good memories attached to this wonderful deed.  Even if they grow up and forget every ayah,  if they keep the positive attitude towards learning Qur’an then as for me, you’ve succeeded at your task.


While they’re reciting with the audio, don’t correct them , even if they make a blatant mistake.  It can take them awhile for them to get used to the pace of the audio but they tend to correct themselves after hearing it a few more times.

Step 3.
Every 3 days, let them recite the surah for you unassisted.  Take this time to gently correct any words they may mispronounce.  Ask them to stop reciting after the first 1 -3 mistakes depending on how easy it is for them to correct them. i.e if a child is learning Suratul Faatihah and says alhandu instead of alhamdu then, try to correct this mistake and stop on this ayah rather than moving onto the next to correct other errors.   We don’t want them to focus on too many corrections as this can de-motivate them.   You can allow them to finish reading the surah if they want to but don’t correct any more mistakes.  Praise them well and reward them with stickers or whichever reward system you prefer.
Repeat steps 1 -3 until they can recite the surah completely without mistakes.  You can prompt them a little if they forget a word or 2.  The accompanying revision program will help them to correct this over time.


*Try your best to stay  upbeat and positive throughout and show them that you are happy with their progress and make dua for them openly and secretly.  The mere fact that they are making any effort is something to be proud of so let them know this.

*Hifdh charts to track their progress can be really encouraging for them.

*Let them listen to the hifdh audio or the surahs they are memorising during quiet time such as before bed, this can really help them learn.

*Do it too!  Children will always follow your example so let them see you reading, revising and memorising.


I’ll be posting a review schedule next in shaa Allaah.

Sorry if any of it seems unclear, I’ll probably be back to edit it some more, but for now, I just needed to stop delaying it and get it done. Please do let me know about any extra information you may need to understand this method properly.

Hope this helps

Baarakallaahu feekum


Comments on: "A Sample Hifdh Schedule for Children" (15)

  1. Mona Karim said:

    As salamu alaiki jazakillahu khair for all that you have shared its very helpful.and may Allah give you and your children al firdous ameen

  2. asalamualakum,

    Mashallah very useful, full of positivity and inshallah the children will grow to love the quraan inshallah!

    Small note: If the children are corrected now then when will they be corrected and whatever they learn now will stick for a long time. I think you should correct them and reassure them that there doing great!



    • WA alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh, jazaakillaahu khayran thank you for visiting and commenting I really appreciate your feedback. I think that I didnt write it clearly. We do correct them but not during the daily reading with the audio (step 2), we wait until step 3 when they try to read the surah unassisted. Then we listen to them and try to correct any mistakes that they may have. We stop on the ayah that they make mistake with and try to help them to correct it. Then we end the session to try and keep it light rather than giving them many corrections to work with. I hope this explains ou r system a little better but I will go back and try to make things clearer in shaa Allaah. Baarakallaahu feeki May Allaah bless you ❤

  3. MissMuslimah said:

    ​السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَ بَرَكَاتُهُُ

    I came across your blog yesterday. I didn’t browse much though.. but are you a hifdh teacher? Whats your email address? For those of us who aren’t children anymore these methods of memorising doesn’t really work for us..If you have any other excellent method of how to learn about 2 pages at once, I would love to know. I am doing hifdh and i find it such that after i learn one page, my mind just doesn’t want to grasp the second page but i somehow struggles to learn more..and then when i give Sabaq, i know the first page really well but the second page becomes foreign!!


    • wa alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh I’m so sorry that I took so long. I do teach hifdh sometimes yes alhamdulillaah. Maybe you could try taking a break between the 2 to stretch your legs and get some air if you dont already. You could even pray 2 rakaat. My mind is like this at times,but when I try to take breaks this seems to help me. I’m assuming that you are doing your hifdh in the morning, have you considered getting one of the pages ready from the night before?
      Are you allowed to do less? Most of all just make a lot of dua sister, as time goes by, your brain will get used to what you are doing and you’ll find yourself learning 3 pages per day with ease but you must not pressure yourself too much. Put your trust in Allaah and ask Him to increase you and He will grant you this. I’ll be making dua for you too ❤ May Allaah make it easy for you aameen. My email is thehifdhclub@gmail.com take care please email me any time ❤

      • MissMuslimah9 said:

        Jazaakillah. Lol. I hope the breaks don’t make me lazy afterwards. I do my hifz in the afternoon. InshaAllah. You also make alot of duaa for me.

      • i definetely will in shaa Allaah…I dont think you know how to be lazy *smiles* may Allaah bless you ❤

  4. Madheeha said:

    Jazakallah khair for creating such a helpful schedule for our kids…. May ur blog reach more and more people and may more and more benefit from it

    • Oh sister Madheeha your comment has made me feel very happy alhamdulillaah I really hope that you can find some use from it, baarakallaahu feeki for coming and your dua jazaakillaahu khayran it really means a lot to me ❤

  5. me and my daughter are doing the same thing. I am in Surah baqarah and she is in surah Hadid, I was wondering are you a teacher or what, and are you foreigner or what. Also what do you do when some times the child does not want to practice. how can we implement good study rabbits.

    • I’m so sorry sister Amira about the delay in my response please forgive me for this. Yes I do teach sometimes.
      It is so nice to hear about you and your daughters partnership may Allaah bless it for you both and reward you both greatly with good aameen. I am from the UK. I have just made a post about some of the things that I do when they dont feel like learning . I really hope this helps but otherwise please feel free to email me at thehifdhclub@gmail.com
      take care baarakallaahu feeki
      ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. […] The Hifdh Club  (this one also has a sample schedule, Hifdh charts, planners, etc., and is a wonderful resource for Hifdh parents) […]

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