Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan


  • Sample Hifdh schedule for brand new Memorisers Young or older
  • Review schedule for new learners
  • Hifdh tips for busy Mums
  • New board game/ flash cards  to aid revision
  • Blank hifdh diary template

Assalaamu alaikum

Would you believe me if I said I’d been trying to write these posts for a year now?

Distractions have been getting in my way and I’ve been sick but Alhamdulillaah I’m a lot better now so just the distractions to get around.I felt that by declaring it to you all, it would make me work harder to get them written….I hope that it works



Comments on: "Coming Soon in-shaa Allaah" (4)

  1. Rayhaana said:

    Wslm . yes please sister. I really need it. Look forward to it inshallah

    • May Allaah make your affairs easy for you my dear sister. I will try my best to write about them and I pray that you will find something helpful and useful in it ❤

  2. Fatima Khan said:


    Looking forward to it

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