Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan


Assalaamu alaikum,

siratt desk lifebook

Maa shaa Allaah we decided that it was time for us to try to take our organisation as a family  to a higher level.

The  Weekly Hifdh Planner was our first attempt to introduce the children to time and goal management.  It worked and they really enjoyed using it and breaking down their weekly goals.

I like to make small changes,  every once in a while, to try to keep things fresh and interesting.  We decided to up the ante and buy them their own Lifebooks from Productive Muslim and Siratt.

You can buy one here: http://www.siratt.com/epages/Store2_Shop2046.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/Store2.Shop2046/Categories/Lifebooks/%22Desk%20Lifebooks%22

I always have one as I really like them.  It’s been especially useful for the children as they’re both at the age where they are encouraged to pray the 5 daily prayers.  The Lifebook contains a daily check list for each prayer which they enjoy ticking off.

For their Qur’an targets, they put a small circled  “H” for hifdh, “M” for muraja’ah (revision) and “2” for their 2 pages of prep.  They write these 3 symbols on every day of the week.  Next to the “H” they write the amount that they’d like to memorise for that day.  Next to the “M” they write the amount they’d like to review for that day.  Finally, next to the “2” they write the page of the surah they are memorising that they’ll be reading ahead for preparation.

It will look like this:

H: 1-5 Suratul Ghafir

M:(Fajr)l Isra-kahf, (Zuhr) Maryam

2: read Pg 3 of Surah Al Ghafir x2

Once they complete something we make sure they give it a nice tick to acknowledge the  achievement that they’ve made.

They write other things in it too that are unrelated to hifdh.

They really enjoy the independence it gives them as they feel like adults (always a plus when your that age).

It also helped them complete their current surah as keeping a daily watch on their targets helped maintain consistency and encouraged them to do a little extra.

We all sit once a week with our Lifebooks and plan out our hifdh and the major events for the following week. The weekly tips that the diary has are things that we try to talk about as a family.

They come in a wide range of colours that make each persons Lifebook extra special to them.  I have a full-sized one but we bought the children the pocket-sized version.  We also got the matching calendar as the doodles it contains make nice posters.

siratt calendar

I’ve always liked the Productive Muslim website.  Maybe next year they’ll make a diary just for older children to use.  I’d really like to see it happen…maybe I should try to ask them.

Heres an article about them http://productivemuslim.com/how-to-get-organised-with-a-lifebook/

May Allaah bless them for their efforts to help us to become more productive as being busy mothers, fathers and  students , workers etc it can be difficult to balance work and religion and health but they try really hard to help us do this with the advice they give.

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