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They Finished Surah Al-Zumar Baarakallahu feehimaa


We Are Now A Family Of Life-Bookers!


Assalaamu alaikum,

siratt desk lifebook

Maa shaa Allaah we decided that it was time for us to try to take our organisation as a family  to a higher level. (more…)

My Special Book Of “Hifdh-Spiration”


Assalaamu alaikum

My hifdhspiration

It’s no secret, the journey to memorisation is usually quite a long one. It takes patience, perseverance and more.  I pray Allaah make it easy for those that desire it.  Allaah has blessed us with so many reminders to help encourage us, but when feeling down, it can be easy to forget to read these things or the action of going to find them can seem hard.

Now, imagine if every time you or your children felt slow and unmotivated in your Hifdh, all you had to do was open one little book and it (this book), would instantly make you feel excited again! It would make you feel motivated, renewed, revived revitalised… all of the good “re” words ha ha!  Well, that’s what we tried to do with our book of “Hifdh-spiration”. It’s a collection of things we use to inspire and motivate our Hifdh. (more…)

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