Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan


Assalaamu alaikum,


I’m really happy alhamdulillaah, we all are! Ramadhaan is here…can you believe it came around so fast!

It seems like only the other day that we were doing a Ramadhaan challenge, I remember counting down the days till it arrived and now its gone and come back again

subhaan Allaah!

No official hifdh challenge this year but we as a family are having a Qur’aan reading competition which has been really nice maasha Allaah.

We do it in 2 different ways, the 1st is that we compete with each other to see who can read the most on a particular day.  We don’t do this every day as we don’t always want to read quickly through the mushaf, some days we try to go through some tafsir of the smaller suwar.

The 2nd way is that we all read as much as we can and see how much we as a family can read  in a day.  The children are always very impressed with that number lol!

Its nice and it really brings us together and encourages team work and shows how much we can all achieve when we work together.  We all reward ourselves at the end of this competition.

Maybe you could give it a try.

May Allaah bless you all abundantly and accept all of your good deeds from you and increase you all in goodness aameen.

I pray we all get to make the most of this blessed month before it leaves us again.

those dates make me want to grab at the screen

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