Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan

Our New Hifdh Routine


Assalaamu alaikum,

hifdh routine

Our new schedule

I have put the order of sequence rather than times as these may vary from day-to-day.

  1. Review: Read 10 pages of review before breakfast.  They take 10 pages of what they have previously memorised and read this looking at the mushaf.   They do this fairly quickly approx 15mins.
  2. Hifdh: In the 1st half of the lesson, I read them the portion that they are to memorise (currently half a page) and listen to them reading it back to me and check them for tajweed errors.  They then go and memorise it alone and come back to have me listen to them recite it from memory.  At times an audio or a quran pen is used to help but that is usually if they are memorising completely alone without me.
  3. Review: As’ilah (questions) this is the 2nd half of the hifdh lesson.  Depending on which juz they have reviewed for the day, I ask them to recite from random places in the juz i.e I will maybe start an ayah and ask them to complete it.  This helps me to check how accurately they are preserving their hifdh and its fun for them too.  (We are planning to make a board game out of this but I’m taking too long!) the whole lesson approx 1 hr.
  4. Review: They read 10 pages of review before lunch.  They take 10 pages of what they have previously memorised and read this looking at the mushaf.  They do this fairly quickly.Approx 15mins.
  5. Hifdh Preparation 1 : Before dinner, they take the a page from the surah they are currently memorising and they read it twice nice slowly.  This helps make it easier to memorise when the time  comes to take it in hifdh class. They sometimes read with a qari or with one of us.  They  will also re-read the portion they memorised earlier again to help reinforce it.
  6. Review & Preparation 2 : They usually have a CD/MP3 of the surah of the surah that they are currently memorising that they listen to in their bedroom or on their mp3 players.  They listen to this everyday particularly when they are getting ready for bed or on their way to sleep when they are winding down.
  7. Incentive 1: they use the hifdh charts to track  their own progress by colouring in each page they have memorised and they can see what is left of each surah.
  8. Incentive 2: We also have a party and small gifts and certificates when they finish a surah or a juz to help encourage them.
  9. Incentive 3: we often watch programs about hifdh such as Traveller With The Qur’aan with Fahad Al Kandari to help encourage and remind ourselves of the great benefit of what we are trying to do.  We also enjoy watching hifdh competitions from other countries like Dubai.
  10. Lots of dua, and then even more, as without the help of Allaah nothing is possible.  I do try to show them this and encourage them to ask for Allaah’s help.

Summary: Review 1 juz.   Hifdh 1/2 page.   Prepare 1pg of new surah per day.

May Allaah bless it for us and make it easy for us  and accept our efforts from us aameen

Comments on: "Our New Hifdh Routine" (5)

  1. Assalamu Alaikum sis,
    What a nice plan you have here.I hope I learn how to recite faster for review ,doing four pages takes me15mins.I wanted to ask at what age did you teach them the letters and how did you to do it? I want to know how to teach my cousin.She is 3 but the talks very well.

    • wa alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh my dear sis, how are you doing?
      dont worry too much about your speed as time goes by you will get faster in-shaa Allaah. They are looking at the page so I think this helps them too and the newer surahs that they just learned they cant read as fast but the older ones they read they read quickly. I think I started teaching them when they were around 3/4yrs old (I think when they could speak fluently) I started with the letter names and then moved on from there. In -shaa Allaah I will write a post about it as I can show you some of the books that I have used.

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  3. Assalmolikum
    Mashallah you made a good plan for yr kids Alhumdulialh. I am so happy for yr kids, may Allah accept all our efforts and make them pure for just him. We are having I can say a little trial period, we are not able to continue hifz my son is having headaches, and it made me realize strongly that how much powerful Allah is SubhannAllah and how much big blessing is health. We make our plans but Allah is the best planner, so please keep us in yr duas, and may Allah help us return to that journey again, I just wanted to share with you, Alhumdulialh I got so many tips from yr blogs and got so much inspiration as a mom trying to help their kids in memorization of Quarn

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