Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan


ASsalaamu alaikum,


Something has been on my mind for a few months now and we (my husband and I)  made a big decision for our family this week regarding the hifdh.  We decided that we are going to stop the children’s lessons with the teacher and that I would start teaching them again myself from home in-shaa Allaah

Its been a hard choice to make but we are quite sure this is what we want to do.

They do enjoy their classes but they have changed teacher quite a few times now.  We also suffer a lot of technical issues which sometimes causes lessons to becomes cancelled. ( These are just 2 but there are other reasons that would take a long time to explain.)

It has slowed down their progress a lot and I can see that my daughter is becoming disheartened and isn’t putting much effort into it as she would like to.  My sons behaviour has also been affected somewhat.  You often find they’ve finished a surah at home alone without the teacher because they want to speed up  and then still have to go back and finish it again with the teacher a few days or a week later and they are getting bored.

We still work together a lot on a daily basis so this will only be a small change that we are making in-shaa Allaah.  It will also have the side-effect of re-consolidating my own hifdh which is great!  We will do it for a trial period of maybe 3 months and see how it goes.

I will post our new routine up soon in-shaa Allaah.

I pray that Allaah make it easy for us and is please with us and grant success aameen

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