Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan

Childrens Hifdh Medals


Assalaamu alaikum,

I had these medals made for the children when they reached 1/4 and 1/3 of the Qur’aan.  They really loved them a lot maa shaa Allaah.  We gave them to them at the party, sometimes with certificates too.

hifdh medals front

They’re a silver coloured metal but not actual silver.  They have little cut out stars and a ribbon but they don’t really wear them like that.  They also have a nice little case to keep them in.

hifdh medals front far

In the centre we put the club logo and the back , some engraving with their names and the date they completed the mentioned amount of hifdh.

hifdh medals back engraved

Its one of my dreams one day to have a little madrasah for children, I’d love that so much.  I dream of all my own children being teachers there helping all different types of people memorise the Qur’aan.  This is something that I’d give the children as a reward of achievement.

May Allaah make it easy for us all to  become Huffaadh of the Qur’aan and to have the ability to pass on this Gift to others aameen.

Comments on: "Childrens Hifdh Medals" (5)

  1. Salaam! Ameen to your beautiful dua. What a lovely idea with the medals!

    • wa alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh,
      they were really suprised maasha Allaah. It was fun seeing their faces. I pray that you are well x

  2. assallamu allaykum, that is a great idea. Mesha Allah. I have a couple of general questions. I have been living abroad for a very long time and l’m assuming most people here are back in the US? Do you find enough Quran teachers who teach using proper Tajweed? How do you know theirtajweed is proper? What does tajweed mean to you? Do you think it is important? I am just curious because in the Arab world l struggle to find proper teachers so what about in the States or the West. Jazak Allahu khairan in advance of your answers.

    • wa alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh,
      Baarakallaahu feeki it was fun maa shaa Allaah. I’m based in the UK in London. I have studied quite a bit of tajweed so I can generally hear myself whether a teacher is not checking me thoroughly. I generally dont look for teachers locally so I dont really know what is available but I have seen a few that are qualified so it might not be too difficult. I always get teachers from abroad so we can practice arabic aswell. I usually look for teachers that have ijaaza as that for me is the easiest way to know they will not teach them things that may be incorrect. I think its extremely important as it is also another sunnah that we must follow with the others and it can completely change the meaning of an ayah when not observed and add beauty when it is. I’m actually quite obsessed with it lol! Where did you travel to? May Allaah make it easy for you to find great teachers wherever you are ameen. Have you ever thought about studying online?

      • I’m so happy to hear that you are keen on tajweed. I am in Jeddah right now but I have been back and forth between Cairo and Riyadh these past 20+ years. It is mostly with my last three that I woke up and realized that completing the entire Quran wasn’t just a dream but a possible option. It seemed so unobtainable that I didn’t even consider it with my first four much. They memorized a couple of juz and some other surahs. Only my second daughter finished about half with her school in Saudi. With my three youngest ones I decided not to make that same mistake. I looked for teachers in Cairo but didn’t know enough about Tajweed to realize that they weren’t teaching with tajweed although they said they were. It wasn’t until I started at Dar El Huda here in Jeddah that I could appreciate good tajweed and the big difference it makes with recitation. Now I am finally on track with two of my last three children. I have a good teacher who has an ijaza and corrects very well mesha Allah. One daugher has finished Quran (barak Allahu feeha) but her knowledge of tajweed as I said was minimal. That is now being corrected insha Allah. I have been pretty much fumbling my way through this whole venture. I have been watching your posts. May Allah keep you steadfast and help you and your family attain your goals.

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