Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan

  party time


Assalaamu alaikum,

today was a very big day for us all alhamdulillaah.  My daughter and son both finished Al Ankaboot maa shaa Allaah,  alhamdulillaah.

This was the marker for their 10th juz so now alhamdulillaah they have 1/3 of the Qur’aan Allaahu Akbar!

May Allaah bless them abundantly and protect them from every harm ameen!Happy Days!

Comments on: "Alhamdulillaah, They finished Al Ankaboot!" (10)

  1. Alhamdulillah !!! Ma sha Allah !!! Blessed kids indeed…. may I know how old they’re? May Allah continue to shower His blessings on u & ur family to complete this journey of hifdh very sooner n easier….Aameen. 🙂

  2. Assalaamu alaikum! MashaAllah tabarkAllah! Allahumma baarik!
    May He take you all to the end with ease (I see you are past half way mashaAllah!) and may we take what He has given us throughout our lives right to the grave.
    We’re a hifdh family too so dua for us much appreciated!

    • wa alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh ameen jazaakillaahu khayran, yes I’m trying but subhan Allaah…thats another blogpost in itself, I have issues!
      Thank you so much for commenting I really appreciate it ❤

  3. As salaamu alaykum,

    MashaAllah, congratulations to them both, may Allah keep them going strong.

    Hope you’re doing well sister. 🙂

  4. Salaam sis…my son is nearly 7 too doing hifdh ….what age wld u suggest he starts learning the meaning of the quran? The words that he’s memorised?

    • Wa alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh subhan Allaah it’s so funny you mentioned this because I was talking with my children about it just this morning! They understand Arabic but they still need help understanding the ayaat. You could start now with him but try starting with the words that appear most frequently as these will help build his confidence faster and it’s easier. Learning roots have some flash card called “word flow” that you could both work with or There’s a great website http://www.understandquran.com that has a nice translation program for children. It’s really well thought out maa shaa Allaah. If you do try it please let me know how you get on. I hope this helps Baarakallaahu feeki x

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