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Alhamdulillaah They Finished Surah Ar-Room


May Allaah bless them both Ameen

My New Hifth Planner


Assalamu alaikum,

I mentioned before in my last depressing post that I was going to try a new method to sabotage my self-sabotaging ways!

Here it is……My Weekly Planner.

weekly planner.jpg

Admittedly its nothing special.  It’s  just a normal 7 day table for my daily activities, but the way I use it helps me a lot. (more…)

Its Hifdh Sabotage!!!


Assalaamu alaikum


Its been a while since I last updated om my own progress so here goes….

I am currently suffering from a nasty bout of “self sabotage”! (more…)

Alhamdulillaah, They finished Al Ankaboot!

  party time


Assalaamu alaikum,

today was a very big day for us all alhamdulillaah.  My daughter and son both finished Al Ankaboot maa shaa Allaah,  alhamdulillaah.

This was the marker for their 10th juz so now alhamdulillaah they have 1/3 of the Qur’aan Allaahu Akbar!

May Allaah bless them abundantly and protect them from every harm ameen!Happy Days!

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