Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan


Assalaamu alaikum,


My family and I recently discovered a lovely video series on YouTube that we all LOVE!

Its called Al Musaafir Ma3 Al Qur’aan which means roughly Traveller with the Qur’aan.  It is a series of 30 episodes where the host travels around the world to meet different types of people who have memorised the whole Qur’aan.  While interviewing them and testing their memorisation skills he gives lots of advice and motivational talks.  Keep some tissues handy as many of the episodes bring tears to the eyes.

Its hosted by the Kuwaity reciter Fahad Al Kandari (dhu sawtin jameeeeel may Allaah bless him).  They’re in Arabic but a lovely sister has taken the time to translate some of them into english and if you subscribe it may encourage her to keep going and do all of them.

I really cant do it justice with my poor description I just know that if you aspire to memorise the Qur’aan or even a portion of it, this video is a MUST SEE!!! 

He’ll have you running for your mushaf trust me.

Anyway enough talk here’s the link  Traveller with the Quran

Comments on: "“Traveller With The Quran” So Inspiring Maasha Allaah!!!!" (13)

  1. Is there an episode 1?

  2. Assalamu ‘alaikum ya ukhti,

    Jazakallahu khyraan for sharing such a precious gem 🙂 May Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala reward you for all the good that comes due to it 🙂

    • wa alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh, alhamdulillaah! I’m really glad you like them theyre really good maashaa Allaah may Allaah bless you ukhti, nice to hear from you ❤

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  5. ari kasturi said:

    assalamu ‘alaykum…I like this program,so…don’t stop it! Barokallohu fiikum

    • wa alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaah, its not my program but i Love it too subhan Allaah I hope that they continue to visit lots of different countries we all love it so much. Its so inspiring to watch maa shaa Allaah. Jazaakumullaahu khayran

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  7. jazakAllah khairan. I couldnot watch whole program because youtube is not working in our country. JazakAllah khairan katheera wa ahsan ul jaza.Its only now that I’ve come to realize (through this program) that how important it is to memorize Quran and to learn tajweed n Qira’at. May Allah help me fulfill all of Qura’s rights ameen.

    • Wa iyyaaki my dear Sister Sophia, I’m sorry its taken me so long to reply I’ve been away for a long time. I really appreciate your message. I love watching this program a lot it always motivates us to work a little harder when we feel like we are slowing down. May Allaah bless you and the makers of the program, can you imagine how much reward they will get ❤

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