Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan


Comments on: "9 Ajzaa Alhamdulillaah!" (5)

    • WA FEEKUM BAARAKALLAAH, thanks for stopping by ❤

      • Dear sister,
        I want a favour from you.. can you you and your lovely family please take out a bit of your precious time to pray for me that may Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala also gives me tawfeeq to become a hafidha.. inshallah.. I have great desire for it..that is why I subscribed to your blog too 🙂 JazakAllahu khyrul jazaa

      • we all will in-shaa Allaah I pray that Allaah bless you in all of your affairs and make you of the successful ones and from the people of Qur’aan, you and your family, and may Allaahbless you ith righteous companions that encourage you upon goodnesss and protect you from negative people that try to remove you from this task that you have set for yourself. May Allah make it easy for you to learn it and then to teach it to many others ameen. Please please please keep me posted on how you are getting on as I’d love to hear from you

      • Jazakumullahu khyrul jazaa for your beautiful du’aa ukhti.. It means a lot. I am currently searching for a professional female teacher, or a hifz institute. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala ease this grand and honourable task for us all. Ameen. I will keep you posted inshallah 🙂

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