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How To Be A Haafidh. Step 4 : Stop Stopping!!


Assalaamu alaikum,

a lot of people are often held back in their memorisation because they feel what they have already memorised is weak.  They then put their hifdh on hold in order to go back and perfect these surahs with the hope that once they have strengthened the “older” surahs they will move on and memorise “new” ones.  As much as it may seem sensible this is not a good idea at all and Allaah knows best!

Memorisation of Qur’aan is a 2 part program, the 1st being hifdh and the 2nd revision.  We should always be doing both at all times i.e everyday.  If we find we’re forgetting things from a surah we already learned, then instead of stopping hifdh we need to improve our revision timetable and maybe technique so that we can improve and strengthen our memorisation.  If you feel uncomfortable doing this then you can reduce the amount you are memorising per day to make things easier.

A teacher once advised that we should “never let a day pass by without memorising” and this is very true.  Always make lots of dua for ease .

May Allaah make it easy for us to preserve His speech and may He make us sincere in our quest to do this and may He accept our efforts from us.


How To Be A Haafidh. Step 3: Start AS You Mean To Go On


Assalaamu alaikum

I often hear people say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  I agree because if I personally get that wrong, the knock-on effect can affect my whole day. If I start  feeling tired and grumpy  from poor food choices it can be hard to rescue it (my days activities) half-way through!

This is the same for our hifdh.  One of the best times to read is after or even from before fajr.   By the permission of Allaah we will see an amazing difference to our day if we start it with something for His sake.  That peaceful feeling  can sometimes stay with you for the remaining 12 or so hours , renewed after every salaat.  Starting like this also makes us want to do more later on during any other pockets of time we have.

When we start our days thinking about work, money,games, tv, music or some stressful issue or some kind of sin, it can be difficult to find a point in that day to sit and move our focus away from that and towards the Qur’aan. The shaytaan will also aid us in this distraction as it is in his favour (I seek refuge in Allaah from him).

Allaah mentions in suratul Israa ayah 78 : and recite the Quran in the early dawn (i.e. the morning prayer). Verily, the recitation of the Quran in the early dawn is ever witnessed (attended by the angels in charge of mankind of the day and the night).

May Allaah put blessings in our time and enable us to make the most of every second and not waste it without feeling remorse, and may He protect us from being amongst those who feel remorse in the afterlife.

How To Be A Haafidh. Step 2: Take Care Of Your Eeman


This important step is one that can not be neglected.  Our eeman is the one thing that will carry us through this journey of ours.  It is the very thing that when high, will make it easier for us and will even seem to speed things up for us, will make us more focussed among other benefits.  When its low the journey seems harder, slower, even boring, we become easily distracted from it, until we just lose interest completely.

Eeman increases with obedience to Allaah (worship) and decreases with obedience to the Shaytaan so we must be mindful of the things we do.  Guard it carefully like the treasure that it is and always seek to increase it.  If we’re not doing anything to make it increase then the likelihood is that it is decreasing and Allaah knows best.

May Allaah increase us in eeman and good actions (that are in accordance with the authentic sunnah of the Messenger of Allaah salallaahu alaihi wa sallam) and good companions that call us towards good and make us ourselves good companions, and protect us from the evil within ourselves and from evil companions that call us towards bad and protect us from being evil companions to those around us.

How To Be A Haafidh. Step 1: Dua


The best way to begin your journey is by purifying your intention and to set in your mind that the reason you are doing this is to gain the pleasure of Allaah subhaanah.  Then ask Him to make it easy for you, ask everyday if you like, Allaah tells us what could mean in suratul Ghaafir “Call on Me; I will answer your (prayer)”

With such an amazing offer how can we possibly refuse.  The One who truly has the power to grant us ALL  things and without Him we are able to do NOTHING.

Every time we ask it also serves as a reminder to us of our intentions and what our goal is so we will find ourselves doing more of the things that lead towards our completion of that goal and Allaah knows best.

Reminder To Myself….


If you get the idea to do something good, and its within your ability…do it right away!

Don’t even delay it 5minutes….not even 1, just do it now!

You’ll never regret rushing towards a good deed but you will regret if you miss it because you delayed it.

We’re On YouTube!!


Assalaamu alaikum,

I don’t know about you, but I find it extremely annoying when I find something interesting and when the times comes to use it, I’ve lost it!

Amazing websites with helpful tips, videos, good advice about general things that I really want to put into practice, these are the things that tend to go missing.

That’s one of the main reasons why I started this blog, so that I could record anything I did that worked or didn’t work with my children.  This is now the reason why we have started a channel on YouTube.

I enjoy watching tajweed videos on YouTube and my children also watch a lot of Arabic cartoons there too.

There are so many videos in different places it can be time-consuming to look for them.  I thought it would be easier if  I only had to go to one place to watch the things that I wanted.  I can also use it to save some of the cartoons and lessons that I download from the internet.  I thought you might like to use it too so…..

Here is the link www.youtube.com/user/thehifdhclub  If you click on playlists you will be able to see everything that we have saved there in-shaa Allaah.

I hope you like it!

New Repetition Tool For Phones


Assalaamu alaikum,

Maple MP3 Player

maasha Allaah I have found a great app for my phone that has really helped me a lot for my hifdh maasha Allaah.

Its called Maple MP3 Player and maasha Allaah I love it!

I’m a person that likes to learn with audio so I need to be listening to the ayah that I am learning.  I have tried to use my phone before to listen but the inability to listen to individual ayaat has always put me off.  Then when I find something that lets me listen to individual ayaat, it’s usually not a reciter that I like to learn with.  Anyway this MP3 player solves all of that for me and more alhamdulillaah. You download the surah read by the reciter of your choice to your phone and then you can use the player to do the following things :

  • A-B repeat which is a function whereby you can select a portion of the surah (an ayah) and then repeat as many times as  you like.
  • Pitch control which is what exited me the most.  When I listen to my audios I try to completely  imitate the reciter.  This can be a little hard for me as my favourite reciter (HUSARY) has an extremely deep voice.  I use the pitch control to make his voice a little higher to make it easier for me to copy him.
  • Speed control which again I use to help me to imitate the reciter as the best recordings of Husary I have are quite slow.  I use it at its natural speed to hear the beautiful detail in which he reads it and then when it comes to repetition  time I speed it up a little so it takes less time.  You could also use it to slow down a reciter that reads really quickly

There are other features but these are the ones that I use.   It was not free but something like this I don’t mind paying for at all as it has been really useful.  Its turned my phone into the perfect mp3 player alhamdulillaah.  I have an android phone, I’m not sure if it’s on the Iphone but it probably is.

Heres a link so you can see it Maple MP3 Player.


How we’ve been doing…..


Assalaamu alaikum, subhan Allaah its been a really long time since we last posted anything.  Things have been quite busy here for all of us and we’ve had a few technical problems.   We took a general time-out during Ramadhaan (seems like it was a year ago now right?)  and another time-out to rest after the Eid and now we are slowly trying to get back into our routine.   We have still been reviewing a juz  per day but the hifdh for the children stopped until about a week ago.

Even though they haven’t actively sat down to memorise they have still been listening to Surah Ash- Shu’araa to help prepare them to learn it.

Myself and my husband have been doing the same except we didn’t take a break in our hifdh I am at shua’raa with the children and he on Taha now maasha Allaah may Allaah bless him.

Overall Alhamdulillaah we are still going!

We are currently working on a new morning routine as we still want to increase the amount we are reviewing.  We also would like to add a few new things to our program in-shaa Allaah.

We  have some  fun projects we are working on like family board games to help make  review more fun and a great new reward system that a sister from our blog family came up with maasha Allaah.

That plus more challenges, more new methods of memorisation and the story of a brother who memorised the whole Qur’aan on his daily commute to work, on the tube!

Alhamdulillaah I’m exited about the days ahead.

Which leads me to ask, how has your progress been going?  Have you made any new and interesting discoveries?  Please let me know in the comment box below, it really does inspire me when I hear from you all so please don’t feel shy, and speaking of feeling shy….you will be hearing from my husband soon in-shaa Allaah.

May Allaah make this journey easy for us all and accept if from us ameen

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