Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan


Assalaamu alaikum,
Alhamdulillah its time to update our progress on the summer challenge.  The first thing is that the Challenge will be extended till ramadhan as the children haven’t done any new hifdh for just over a week. They’re having a testing period whereby rough everyday, they review and are asked to recite approx 1/2 a juz per day without looking.  They’re doing this 4days per week so in-shaa Allaah they will finish this Thursday and start memorising next Monday.

As for my husband and I,    Alhamdulillah despite sickness we are both on target somewhat, I think it helped that we set easier goals.
Alhamdulillah I reached ayah 22 of An-Nur and masha Allaah my husband just finished the 2nd page of Taha.

….It’s quite strange updating progress and not talking about the children lol!

So now its your turn…
If you joined our summer challenge how have you been getting on? Please share your progress with us in the comment box below.  If you feel shy or just do not want to, its good if you still have a journal or a diary where you can update yourself, I find it really helps to monitor my progress.

Also, It’s not too late to join, if you would like help to meet a goal you have set for your hifdh, then please leave a comment in the box below. The deadline….strange word…..the target date is now the 1st day of Ramadhan.  May Allaah make it easy for us all and accept our efforts Aameen.

Comments on: "Summer challenge: update" (6)

  1. Aisha-Shakurah said:


    wa Aleykum as salaam ukhti. subhanallah on you and your husbands progress in meeting your goals may Allah swa help us all to meet our goals which is to oneday finish our hifdh and to stand before Him with His Mercy and pleasure. Ameen

    Also my dua are for the children may Allah swa make it easy for them with there testing and help them to make a good grade in this. May Allah raise them to be righteous pious muslim using His Words to guide all of creation to the Light of Islam. Ameen

    As for me well my goal was almost met today but i ran into difficulty with articulation and recitation of ayats 57.58 and 59. so i am at a halt until i can get the rhythm and flow of the page inshallah it should be memorize by tonight ameen. please make dua for me sis that i find a way to strengthen my hifdh i am working alone so its somewhat hard to progress. if you have any ideas please feel free to let me know it would surely help .

    jazakallah khair, barakallah feeki

    • ASSALAMU ALAIKUM, SIS, i AM REALLY SORRY i TOOK SO LONG TO REPLY,(WHOOPS CAPS LOCK) things have been a bit hectic but alhamdulillaah looking better now. I’m really glad to hear how you’ve been getting on even in difficult times we still get so much reward if Allaah acepts it from us alhamdulillaah. Ameen to your beautiful dua baarakallaahu feeki I really appreciate and need them all. I tend to listen to a recitor to make things stick, this helps me a lot! I will be making dua for you, how are you doing at the moment?

    • Assalaamu alaikum,
      I decided not to update a few days ago since the time was so short and now we have only a few hours left (in UK at least) and I am now trying to get the last few bits in (quite a lot really and truly…setbacks!) so that I can make the target. I pray taht Allaah make it easy for you and us all, alhamdulillaah, again the good thing about setting t argets to do with the deen is that we can at least hope that we will be rewarded for our intentions.
      I’ll update tomorrow in-shaa Allaah once everythings oficillay over
      take care

  2. As salaamu alaykum,

    MashaAllah to all you guys. Well done 🙂

    Your children (and you) are a proper inspiration mashaAllah. It makes me really happy seeing you all progress.

    Sister Aisha, may Allah make it easy for you and grant u tawfiq.

    My revised target was S. al Baqarah ayah 37 but i didnt get there due to combination of setting myself too hard a target, busy week and just plain laziness from my part. Plus one of my back surahs needs a bit of work. Alhamdulillah ala kuli hal though im gonna go back to my previous target for Ramadan (ayah 57) and really push myself, Had a good day today alhamdulillah and inshaAllah the same will follow in coming week.

    Please remember me in your duas. JazakAllahu khayra

    • wa alaikumussalaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh,
      ameen baarakallaahu feeki its so good when we work together, I’ve been a little too absent recently but I’m back now. I got exited when you said you wre going to push yourself so hows it going? I’m going to post an update today in-shaa Allaah. There, I’ve said it now so I can’t procrastinate lol!

    • assalaamu alaikum sis, just a few hours left and I’m a little short so I’ll be trying to squeeze in what I can before the times up! I’ll be updating tomorrow when the challenge is officially over in-shaa Allaah I pray that you are getting on ok with everything
      take care

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