Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan


Assalaamu alaikum,

I havent really been making much input on the blog of late but I will be soon in-shaa Allaah, I have a lot of thing that I need to update.

For now I just want to write that today by the mercy of Allaah my son finished Suratul Furqaan alhamdulillaah, I say just my son because my daughter finished on Wednesday maasha Allaah may Allaah bless her.  I didn’t want to make 2 posts so I waited until he finished before I wrote anything.

They had been listening to this surah for a while so I think this made it easier for them when the time came to commit it to memory maasha Allaah.   It is also quite a special surah in our family (especially the end) .  We use it quite often for dua’s and reminders, there are a lot of different points of benefit in it subhan Allaah. We will probably take a few days to review everything before we begin Surah Shu’araa just to tighten everything up with Surah An Nur.

I pray that Allaah accept our efforts from us all and continue to make things easy for us and blesses the children abundantly

Comments on: "They Have Both Finished Al Furqaan Alhamdulillaah!" (2)

  1. asalamualaykum sis that is really amazing to hear. As always, your family seems to me to be the ideal Muslim family =) May Allah swt bless you all, correct all of your affairs, and make you all leaders of al muttaqeen (yes, I love that du’a at the end of the surah too lol) Love you for the sake of Allah, keep memorizing!

    • wa alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh, baarakallaahu feeki sis, and may the one whose sake you love me for love you ameen. Alhamdulillaah I have been blessed with a really nice family and they help me a lot(I am definetely the weakest link here!!) We have our difficult times and our struggles but alhamdulillaah I could never complain. having my family and reading from you who I see like my online family *smiles* has really helped me. I pray that Allaah reward you abundantly with good for all of your great efforts and increase you in good and make all of your affairs easy for you and strengthen you further ameen.
      I hope that your stay in UK was a pleasant one too….the rain really was coming down hard during that time too subhan Allaah but as you reminded, it is a time for dua so alhamdulillaah for it all.

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