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8 Ajzaa Alhamdulillaah!


Onto Surah FurQaan…


Assalaamu alaikum,


The children both finished Surah An Noor today alhamdulillaah.  My daughter finished first with her teacher and my son was so inspired by her that he sat and finished off the last portion he had by himself with my daughter checking him maasha Allaah. I have to get some new CD’s ready and charts for Surah FurQaan in-shaa Allaah.  Also a little party lol you know we love a party, and there might be another one soon after in-shaa Allaah as in about 2 or 3 pages they will have 8 ajzaa by the permission of Allaah.

May Allaah bless them and make them always co-operate upon good and protect and prevent each other and others from doing evil ameen.

The Hifdh Diet


Assalaamu alaikum

After yet another extended period of sickness  for me I felt I had to make this post.   We really need to make the most of our health as when we become sick and unable to do everyday things we truly realise the blessing we had when we were well and able.  In the books of the medicine of the Prophet (sallahu alaihi wa sallam) we are taught that the food we ean be a cause for sickness.   Living in Western Society its very easy to take what we put into our mouths for granted.


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