Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan


Assalaamu alaikum all,
The month (April) is nearly over alhamdulillaah.  With just  1 and 1/2 days left the end is in sight, so its time to decide how we are going to finish this race.  Will we give up or finish strong.  Alhamdulillaah if our deeds are accepted by Allaah there is reward in our intention even if we don’t manage to achieve what we originally set out to do so I pray that Allaah accept it from all of us aameen.

So I’ll begin with the children may Allah bless them.  They finished Mu’minoon and are 4 pages into suratun-Noor alhamdulillaah.  I don’t think they’ll be able to finish it in time but alhamdulilllah they are  still happy of gotten where they are which is good as there are no losers in this game.  My husband is on the 7th page of Surah Maryam sickness and work slowed him down but he’s still going maasha Allaah and with 1 page left he may well just go all out before the month ends.

As for me well, my grand dreams to finish Al Hajj and Al Mu’minoon have now been reduced and I’ll be happy if I get to finish Al Hajj by the end of April.  I got sick too  and then (insert another excuse here!).  I have 2 pages to go so its possible but I just have to focus and stay away from ALL distractions.

So, now again it’s your turn, how have you been doing?  HAve you made any interesting discoveries about your own learning style or maybe you have learned what your main distractions are.  Please do let me know in the comment box below.

If it’s not going well don’t worry, it’s not too late, you can just reduce your goal like I did, the key is just to keep moving, there are no losers in this race as long as you keep moving.  You should never beat yourself up and feel like you are behind, just pick up where you are and make a fresh start.

With 2 months left to go, if we do another challenge it might be something we have to complete pre-Ramadhaan in-shaa Allaah.

May Allaah accept thus effort from us all Aameen.

Comments on: "Spring Hifdh Challenge: UPDATE Pt.2" (3)

  1. umm abdirrahmaan said:

    as salaamu alaiki sister, May Allaah reward you and your family. I Wasn’t able to take part in this challenge please have another one. I think these challenges are helpful.

    • wa alaikis salaam warahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh, I hope that you are well baarakallaahu feeki. Since you asked we will in-shaa Allaah Jazaakillaahu khayran for your advice, I wasn’t sure before but now I am. We will start i nthe next few days in-shaa Allaah and this time I will try to set a bit of a smaller goal lol!

  2. Assallamu Allaykum I didn’t fair so well. Several exams popped up and I wasn’t expecting that. So unfortunately I only memorized 2 pages of the 2nd Juz of Baqarah but I did revise the first Juz (was tested), Juz 28 I prepared for a Tajweed (was tested), and last night I was told that I will be tested in Juz 29 and 30 next week and that the head of the Dar wants to test me in Juz 1 herself. I know it is important to retain what we have memorized but I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and sad because I am anxious to move forward. Al hamdulillah Allah has another plan. We plan and Allah plans and He is the best of planners 🙂

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