Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan

Mp3 players


Assalaamu alaikum

I just bought a new set of Mp3 Players and headphones for the children.  Nothing special they’re very basic and cost under £10 each.  I like them because they’re designed for children.  Here’s a picture of one:

I think it’s really cute maasha Allaah.  My daughter has a pink one with hearts (she’s a typical girl lol). I don’t use the inner ear-phones, I buy separate childrens headphones for them to use as they have trouble keeping them in small ears, I also worry that they may increase the volume too much, the headphones make it a little safer.

They have the all important “A-B repeat” function which allows the listener to select a portion of an audio and repeat it over and over, we use this to repeat the ayaat.

The children love to use them and it inspires them to listen to their surahs independently. They also put Arabic audios on to listen to which improves their understanding.

I think the part they love the most is that they can record their own voices, they find it really funny.  They make up stories and record themselves reciting or arabic conversations etc it’s really nice maasha Allaah.

Comments on: "Mp3 players" (2)

  1. ummabdirrahmaan said:

    as salaamu’alaiki May Allah reward you and your family with good. Can you please tell where did you purchase the mp3 player? Baarakallahu feeki

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