Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan


Assalaamu alaikum,

This is another method of memorisation from the excellent book “Kayfa Tahfathul Qur’aan Al Kareem”  By Dr Yahya Al Gawthaany May Allaah reward him with much good for all of his good work.

The method we have chosen today is:

Al-Istifaadah min Al-Awqaat Adh-Dhaai’ah fis-Sayyaarah/ Benefitting From The Time Lost in The Car.

The Author wrote what could mean:

Many of the brothers that work a lot and have a desire to memorise the Qur’an say: “We don’t have any time.”

When I saw they were being truthful, I saw that they were spending a lot of time in their cars and I wanted to draw their attention to this method:

  • 1- Make a copy of the page you would like to memorise from the Mushaf.
  • 2- Hang it in a place that does not hinder your driving.
  • 3- When you get in the car in the morning, read the first ayah and repeat it while you heat the engine
  • 4- When you drive off -with Allahs blessing- repeat what you read before without looking.
  • 5- When you stop at the traffic lights, read the next ayah while looking.  Then when you drive off read it without looking and continue like this……

ATTENTION: (A)  Be careful of not paying attention to the page you are memorising from.  Don’t neglect it until it becomes torn or ripped.  It is recommended that you put it in an envelope (plastic) and when you are finished memorising it, save it in a special folder in your house so it can be used again.

ATTENTION: (B) be careful of looking at the paper a lot while driving as this could cause an accident with very serious consequences so only look at the paper when you have stopped or are waiting.

*He has given more tips, but I’m having difficulty understanding it so it is to be translated at a later date in-shaa Allaah. The main jist of this method is here.*

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