Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan


Assalaamu alaikum,

A few days ago I was reminded of another technique that can be used for memorisation.  Its quite common for people to memorise the Qur’aan and other texts using a small writing board.  This board in Arabic is called a “LawH“.   It is used to write out the ayaat of Qur’aan.  There are 2 main ways that it can be used.

The first is to write out the ayah/ayaat that you are memorising and then continue to write them out until they have been memorised.

The second is to write out the ayah/ayaat and then read from the LawH until they have been commited to memory.

The LawH varies in colour depending on which country you are in.  Some use small black boards and chalk and some use  panels of wood.   It is said that these darker more muted colours  help memorisation as they are easier on the eye and because of this it is possible to look at it for much longer than if they were looking at pure white.  Apparantly this is also the reason why most mushafs are not printed on pure bright white paper and Allaah knows best.

So I decided that I’d like to start using this method.  I have used it before to learn a tajweed poem and it really did stick.  I’m glad I was reminded about it as its somthing that worked…I dont even know why I stopped doing it!

I was using the repeat writing method with a small whiteboard before but this time  wanted it to be more wood-like so I sat and started brainstorming how I’d do it.

The first one I made was with piece of paper with a wood pattern printed onto it, it has 15 brown lines on it to help keep writing neat.

                    hifdh board cover

I stuck it onto a peice of cardboard and then put some cellophane over it.


*Those are my baby’s feet lol*

It worked really well and cleaned just like a whiteboard with tissue or a peice of felt.

It was good but  not very durable so for the 2nd one,  I stuck the same paper onto a clipboard.  Instead of cellophane we have a sheet of 250 micron acetate over it.  This is the same thing they use to write on with overhead projectors (OHP).  You could probable buy 1 sheet from a photocopying place as its the same stuff they use as a cover for ring/coil binding.   To write I bought some OHP pens which come with really fine tips so its just like writing with a normal pen or pencil.

*Sorry about the poor picture quality*

Alhamdulillaah the cover really helps to keep things neat and it has a pen holder which is useful.

Maasha Allaah the children can write Arabic but not well enough to use this board as it is so they have an extra acetate sheet in the pocket in the cover.  They use it to trace over the pages of their mushaf.

I use it like this too and it really helps my handwriting.  I now keep a small sheet in my mushaf in case I want to write and I’m away from home or somthing similar.

Alhamdulillaah everyone seems really happy with them, they use them to draw with too.

May Allaah reward those that reminded me of this method abundantly with good and reward them with even more good for every letter that we intend to memorise from these boards and then even more verily Allaah is Al Kareem.

Comments on: "Introducing…The Hifdh Board" (7)

  1. This is so inspirational mashaAllah

  2. Salaams,
    Great Post, i printed a copy of the brown lawh board paper, and it is really good. I was just asking if I could substitute the cellophane or acetate for sheet protectors. JZK

  3. JZK once again, thanks greatly

  4. Salamualaikum, I wanted to ask what slate or rock is used in the Lawh (wooden writing boards) and from where I can buy from ?

    • I mean that some time there are people that uses a type of slate on the lawh before writing; so the writing look nice and it could be washed easily without bringing any spot of usance. What the brick or slate called and how and from where i can buy it ?
      Pls i hope you answer me as i am searching from long time.

      • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh I’m so sorry I just saw your message now. Which country are you based in please? I personally have never been able to find a board so we use the sheets we mentioned in this post or small white board with the fine tipped OHP (non-permanent) markers. They are easily erased with a damp tissue alhamdulillah it works well for practicing handwriting as well just like you mentioned. Sorry I couldn’t be more help baarak Allah feekum

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