Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan

Should we ask for help?


Assalaamu alaikum,

its been a while since we last posted anything… but to be honest….there hasn’t  really been that much to say!

The children may Allaah bless them are still moving on steadily with their memorisation.  They both finished Suratul Kahf on Thursday alhamdulillaah and started Surah Maryam today. ( I’ll be posting the new chart in the next few days in-shaa Allaah)

I realised that its very important for the children to like the reciter that they listen to. It makes them listen to it more often and they pay more attention to it.  The times when they’ve memorised really fast are when they listened to a particular reciter that I know they enjoy.  They like it so much that they repeat the CD themselves and this really helps them to learn.  Tajweed is also important but if the reciter is not one of those known for good application of the tajweed rules, I still allow them to listen but I correct any mistakes that they may make.  It doesn’t become a problem as we read daily together so by the permission of Allaah no bad habits can be built.

We’ve made some changes to their routine.  We had to increase the amount we review now as its my preference that everything  that has been memorised is reviewed once per week.  They have 5 juz each now so we’re trying to increase the amount to a juz per day for review.  Its been tricky trying to slot in another 10pages but we’re working on it.  For  now we will probably do 10 pages on a school day and 20 (a juz) on the weekends in-shaa Allaah.

Children are like adults and adults are very much like children.  I have found that what applies to myself usually applies to them and vice versa.  I have always worked better when I am not learning alone, I like to have at least 1 person to work with as it helps to keep me motivated.  I also need that person to be from outside of my family as its too easy to get lazy with family and not so easy when y ou dont know the person that well.  I figured that my children must be the same.

For that reason I decided to get someone elses help with teaching the children.

I have studied some tajweed before so it was very important that whoever I asked to help them had knowledge and application of the rules too.  One thing I do know is that once you learn mistakes in recitation it is extremely hard to un-learn them.

Alhamdulillaah I met some sisters that teach on the internet and they’re based in Misr (Egypt) which was great!

They were the perfect choice as they had excellent tajweed and because they are Arabs my children would be able to practice their Arabic at the same time.  The lessons are not free but subhan Allaah if I’m going to pay for something then I can’t think of anything more deserving than a lesson teaching the Speech of Allaah.

They started a while ago and my guess was correct alhamdulillaah they are like me and do work a lot better with someone outside of the family.  They memorise a lot more with their new teacher maasha Allaah may Allaah reward her with good.  She is very patient with them and they like her a lot.   We still read together and learn together but this extra addition to our routine has given it that needed extra OOOMPH!!

May Allaah increase them in khayr and love for the Qur’aan.

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