Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan

What happened next…


Assalaamu alaikum,

it took a while for us to update sorry about that.  The last thing I mentioned was the good news of the children finishing the juz maasha Allaah.  We were also deliberating where they would go next in memorisation.

Oh and I found the treat I was looking for lol!

I had mixed feelings about their new accomplishment, it was definitely a time to reflect about a lot of different things subhan Allaah.  I won’t mention all of the things as some are quite personal and not that relevant to you.

One thing was that I looked at their daily program and I looked at my own and I thought to myself I wish that I had their program too.  Now that might sound strange as I’m the one that helps them with their program so why can’t I just do it for myself ?

My problem is that I focus a lot of my time on what their learning and my own studies often take 2nd place.

 My husband had the same problem.  That mixed with the fact that we were getting distracted from our task by the other things we were doing in our lives.

We both wanted a change but we’d both tried so many different things.  It’s easy to start something new but to keep that motivation to see it through is hard when your alone. 

We knew we’d need to bring in reinforcements.  We needed help from others….but who?  It’s hard to find a hifdh group these days especially with our schedules.

Then the idea came to me….I knew the perfect people for the job……the children!!!

If we put them on the same surahs that we were learning then we would all have the same program.  Watching their progress would motivate us to carry on and even feel shame if we fell behind subhan Allaah it sounded perfect.

I asked the children if they’d like to start a big surah and they were really happy so a week ago they started Suratul Israa with us and so far things are going really well alhamdulillaah.

It was just the thing we needed and its so nice to really be learning together as a family we’ve  bonded so much through this alhamdulillaah.

I pray Allaah make us a family that co-operate upon goodness and encourage each other in that which is pleasing to Allaah.

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