Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan

What a surprise!!!


Assalaamu alaikum,

today was the official start after Eid.  Everyone had  recovered (somewhat) from all the late nights of Ramadhan and early morning and parties of Eid and was ready to work again.  I was a little worried that they would have forgotten some ayaat over the holiday period so as tired as I still was, we couldn’t delay any longer.

I sat with the children to read Al-Hashr.  I asked my daughter to close her eyes and read as much as she could so I would know where to start hifdh from.  Then she read…..and read….  and read…until maasha Allaah to my surprise she got to the end.  We all cheered and made dua for her with hugs and kisses all round.  Her brother asked her “how did you know the end like that?” and she replied “I don’t know, I just knew it”.  I was really happy as it seemed that playing the tapes of the surahs  in their room had worked alhamdulillaah.

Then I moved onto my son and asked him to close his eyes and read so I could see where to start his hifdh from on Al- Hashr and subhan Allaah, he did the same!  Maasha Allaah he read the whole surah so we all cheered again more hugs and more kisses it was so nice.

We were all really happy alhamdulillaah but still had a hifdh lesson to do so I said alright we need to start Al Mujaadilah.

My son volunteered to go first so again he closed his eyes to  read what he knew from Suratul Mujaadilah to define a starting point for hifdh.  As myself and my daughter  followed him with a mushaf  all I could do was shake my head in disbelief  as he just read….and read….and read until he got to the end of the surah and the end of the juz!!

I cheered and hugged him but the cheering was  a lot quieter this time.  I looked up to see my daughter  in tears Allaahul Musta’aan.   She was inconsolable, she cried ” I want to be like him I want to finish it today too”.  Even hearing her own motto of  “don’t cry, just try”  wasn’t working for her.  I told her not to worry and to make dua and she did through her tears and then carried on crying.  I told her that she would finish it soon too but nothing seemed to make her feel better.  Her triumph with al-Hashr was nothing to her now, she wanted to finish the juz like her brother and kept crying ” I only know a little bit”  my poor baby!

I told her to go and make wudu for zuhr.  I thought water might calm her and might reset her mood a little and alhamdulillaah it worked.  She came down looking a little better and I told her I wont put her brother on a new surah until she finishes Al-Mujaadilah and that made her feel a little better.

So she sat,  closed her eyes and started to recite Al-Mujaadilah.  I followed her with my Mushaf and prompted her when she needed it and I had to laugh as when she go to the end of the Surah she had absolutely no idea.   She sat there in silence, eyes still shut waiting for me to prompt her on the next ayah.  I left her in suspense for a few seconds and then let out a big cheer and finally…she smiled Allahu Akbar!

So much for a holiday, it seems like I was the only one that took a break from hifdh as  the two of them had been busy the whole time with that tape alhamdulillaah may Allaah bless them…AMEEEN.

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  1. Amazing MashaAllaah Allaahumma Baarik feekum

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