Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan


Assalaamu alaikum,

Maasha Allaah we’ve all  managed to sort out a new schedule of what everyone in the house is doing for hifdh and review.  Its taken so long because basically I couldn’t get my act together but alhamdulillah things are finally coming together for me.

What I am amazed by is how, as soon as we had started our new program I started to experience more problems in the household especially with my children, subhan Allaah.  Silly things that don’t normally happen were now happening and  making everyone upset.


I don’t like my children to memorise or review when they’re upset because I don’t want them to have any negative attachments with learning  the Qur’aan.  Because of this I nearly stopped them from doing their daily portions but Alhamdulillaah my husband came and helped us sort things out and they completed theirs….but I still hadn’t done mine and these  problems had started again.


I’m the kind of person that  can’t eat when I’m upset let alone memorise so I nearly didn’t do my portion of hifdh for the day but then I realised…… this was probably all from the shaytaan a’oothu billaah.  I then sent the children away to play and tried to get on with what I had to do.  They came to interrupt me many times with different issues but unless it was urgent I just had ignore them and read louder.  Eventually they got the message and went back to play.

By the time I’d finished my portion, everyone was fine again alhamdulillaah and I felt mentally exhausted!

I’ve noticed this is a problem that a lot of sisters experience when they try to read or memorise.  All of a sudden 101 distractions appear out of nowhere that demand your attention NOW!!!  The phone rings, the baby starts crying, peaceful children start fighting , everyone forgets how to do anything and they now need your help for everything  and the list goes on….

The job of the Haafidh is to protect the Book of Allaah and ideally go on to teach it to others.  As people who seek to memorise the Qur’aan the Shaytaan is at constant battle with us.  He wont stop until he removes us from this path, so  we must always make dua that Allaah protect us and make the plots of the Shaytaan apparent so we are not deceived by them.

With dua and perseverance we can win this battle but it’s not going to be an easy one but then again nothing worthwhile ever is.

And Allaahs help is sought.

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