Our Journey as a family towards memorisation of the Qur'aan


Assalaamu alaikum,

Here’s a really nice website for learning Arabic maasha Allaah.  It’s geared towards learning to understand the Qur’aan rather than conversation.  It’s also laid out in a way that has made it really easy and fun to follow maasha Allaah.

There are a few different courses to choose from with videos and Powerpoint presentations to follow.  Each lesson is about only about 15 minutes long which is nice especially if you on a tight schedule.

The best part is that they have promised that if you get to the end of the course you’ll understand 80% of the words in the Qur’aan subhan Allaah….not bad for 15 minutes per day huh!

The courses available in English are as follows:

A Short Course with 19 lessons available on Powerpoint presentation or video.

Heres the link :http://understandquran.com/courses/short-course-1/english-2011.html

A Basic Course with 60 lessons including quizzes and exams

Heres the link: http://understandquran.com/courses/short-course-1/english-2011.html

The Full Course with 30 vocabulary sheets and a small summary of each juz

Heres the link: http://understandquran.com/courses/full-course/english.html

And the very nice Children’s Course with 20 lessons on either video or Powerpoint presentation  and quizzes.

Heres the link: http://understandquran.com/courses/childrens-course/english.html

I hope you like them!

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